Thursday, May 21, 2015

What was to be about a 15 minute procedure to remove gallstones from the cystic duct, turned into 40 minutes of dealing with stenosis of the main bile duct, and massive drainage of bile sludge.  I believe he had to put a stent in to hold open the main bile duct.  Because of the inflammation he could not proceed without endangering me.  I go back in two to three weeks for the procedure to remove the gallstones in the cystic duct.  He still does not know if he will be able to remove them.

This guy is smart.  He was able to link up all the health problems.  I am no longer on Zetia for cholesterol - The way Zetia works is to remove the cholesterol through the liver and empty it into the intestines through the bile ducts.  Well a very rare but serious side effect of Zetia is gallstones.

And before I hear it, I am the one guy you do not want on a pharmaceutical jury.  Yes, Zetia in my case was not a good option, but it has saved countless lives.  Living can kill you and that is not a basis to sue.  I hate with a passion all of the commercials telling people they can sue over side effects related to medications.  Try reading the warnings labels.  Try demanding your doctor go over the risks of taking the medicine versus not taking the medicine.

But this  doctor was also very knowledgeable about the entire picture of my health and how it is all connected.  He insisted I work on getting the VA to move faster on the shunting procedure.  The nurse in charge of the paperwork got caught lying, and now the VA will spend months investigating her lies and failure to sent the approval to the surgeon while I continue to lose vision in my left eye. 

This doctor was good. He got me to send a secure message to my primary care doctor making it clear it would be malpractice for the VA to delay one more day.  My primary care is not the problem - it is the VA system - the voucher nurse dropped the ball and then lied by saying the specialist never put in the request - only problem - I have a print out of the request.

So anyway in two to three weeks I will go back for another surgery.  If he cannot get it next time, then a regular surgeon will be called in to do a formal surgery.

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