Tuesday, May 5, 2015


What is clear is, BISD staff is at its limits with the Board of Trustees. Yesterday's story hit like a nuclear bomb. Many already knew the truth because they had been guiding me for weeks. But most did not. What they now know is the witch Minerva Peña will work with the devil himself to protect her coven of Rita Hernandez. Rose Longoria, Teri Alarcon, and Luis Segura among others.

No one feels safe.  Staff member after staff member told me that they feel like everything they do is subject to disciplinary action if it does not fall in line with the orders from above.  Endless teachers have told me they have surrendered to the bullying of principals and assistant principals.  They do not know what to do.  They cannot teach.  They are forced to spend time running interference for troubled students who are considered protected. 

I think if IDEA could build 5 more campuses, BISD would hear a sucking sound as its schools empty out further.  The teachers want out.  Many are looking and hoping against hope IDEA builds more schools.  I think the greatest thing which could happen to Brownsville is for IDEA to become the primary school system within Brownsville.  The TEA is too busy covering their own butts to care about Brownsville.

I had an interesting exchange with the legal department at the TEA yesterday.  It is clear they are in a free fall panic over aiding in the cover up of the fraudulent billing of over $23,000 from BISD which included federal funds.  They insisted they told me Zabarte resigned his position as a hearing officer.  They did not. I learned that from a separate unofficial source.  They were rude and very clear other than telling me he was no longer a hearing officer they would tell me nothing. My complaint was heard which is what sparked the email.  I called them out as liars.  They still will not tell me the date he resigned as a hearing officer.

It then turned into a series of bizarre emails that I was not asking the correct people for the information.  Number one, I was transferred to legal by TEA staff.  Number two their web page says all press inquiries should be directed to them.  I suggested they change their web page and educate their staff.

During all of this I had already put in my open records request.  Their emails say otherwise - and then after calling them out as liars, I get a confirmation my open records request had been received.  The law gives them 10 business days to provide them time to gather the information, and not as a delay tactic.  If they have the information readily available they are to release it.  But I can assure you the TEA lawyers have no use for the law.  They will hold the 10 business days.  It will only make matters worse.

What do we know for sure about the TEA lawyers. One of their own, Zabarte gets caught illegally working for the TEA and a school district at the same time.  He billed in excess of $23,000 which included use of federal funds, a crime, and the TEA let him off the hook in exchange for his resignation as a hearing officer.  Before this is over I am sure the TEA lawyers will have a lot of explaining to do to the federal investigators.

Presas-Garcia, Otis Powers and Carlos Elizondo could mend fences and form a group of three.  At one point they all worked together until they were caught.  They are still part of the mess related to Carl Montoya.  None of them are liked by anyone within the school district.  But right now Minerva Peña and Joe Rodriguez are seen as direct threats to every employee.  Chirinos is lost.  Cesar Lopez is too compromised over the insurance mess to anger Joe Rodriguez.  If the three can somehow manage to get Chirinos to become part of a new majority in exchange for making him the new Board president it will send shock waves through the district.

Mind you nothing will change in terms of the corruption, but it will send a message that the current game playing is over.  If the new majority were smart they would just allow Zendejas to do her job.  That simple act will calm things at the school district which is what is needed. 

But none of these guys are known for their smarts.  My money is on Chirinos going down with Joe Rodriguez's ship.  BISD will face a lot more lawsuits.  Without a blink of an eye, we will see an additional million dollars spent on lawyers defending BISD within the next 12 months.  Remember each lawsuit has a $100,000 deductible.  If BISD can find a new carrier come July 1st, I am certain the deductible will be raised to $250,000. 

Otis, Presas-Garcia and Minerva better start thinking about 2016. [Corrected from 2017, based on reader correction.]  All three will be on the ballot with the number one issue being the amount of attorneys fees the taxpayers are paying to defend the machinations of these three turkeys, and the other four Board Members.


Anonymous said...

TEA?????? What a joke!!!!! They will NEVER do anything because they are all incompetent and the local RATAS know it. They cover and lie for each other---are bought and paid for.
Thanks for trying and your reporting. :)

Anonymous said...


BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the professional manner in which you noted the correction. The Armodafinil gives me massive headaches, but does remove the cognition fog and keep me awake. I only take it three days a week because of the headaches - today is one of them.

Thanks again

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

" None of them are liked by anyone within the school district." How long did it take you to talk to everyone in the school district? I asked a couple of people and they don't remember talking to anyone about this. Haven't you recently called out people for making similar sweeping statements?

BobbyWC said...

You are 100% correct. I made an overstatement and it took away from the greater point. You are spot on and not an idiot.

You see, when I am wrong I will admit it.

But I have spoken with a lot of teachers and personnel and parents - and the story is all the same.

But it is true - there must be people at BISD who are happy with the trustees - Like Rita Hernandez, Rose Longoria - to name two and their many supporters.

But in the end I overstated it and I was wrong.

Nice catch and thanks for pointing it out

Bobby WC