Sunday, May 31, 2015


From O'Malley's campaign page:

"We should start by embracing citizen-funded elections, to reduce the outsized influence of special interests and the very wealthy in our politics. Small donors should have their contributions matched by six-to-one or more, and be rewarded through a refundable tax credit that encourages more people to give and participate. And we should make it easier, not harder, to vote – by modernizing registration, restoring the Voting Rights Act, and tearing down barriers like ID requirements that make it difficult for people to exercise their most fundamental right."

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This is not an endorsement.  I am simply looking at my alternatives.  Hillary Clinton has three major negatives.  The prospect of a Jeb Bush Hillary Clinton election sickens a lot of people.  This country has to be able to do better than Bush Clinton Bush Clinton.  The Republicans see Hillary as a major threat and will be on the attack until election day and every day thereafter if she wins.  Third, and finally, even the NYT is covering the problems with the Clinton Foundation.  The latest article included verification that Bill Clinton charges as much as $500,000 to host fundraisers for other charities.  Now it was noted the money goes to the Clinton Foundation, which no one questions actually does good work around the world.

The Republicans are screwed. The Primary will be a bloodbath with the survivor recovering from major wounds.  The Right will lose because the power brokers in the Republican Party know they cannot win with a Right Wing candidate.  You cannot win without the Independents, and the majority of Independents will not for a Republican if the candidate is Right Wing.

I will note many of the Right Wing within the Republican Party are declaring themselves Independents as they see more and more of the Republicans turning to the Corporatists who have had it with the Right Wing.  But this is a zero sum game for the Republicans.  Shuffling the voters around does not increase your numbers.

It's still early.  If key Democrats decide Hillary could be a problem they may get on board to giving O'Malley a voice.  The Republicans will be the ones attacking Hillary, not O'Malley.  It will be the Republicans who will nominate a very wounded candidate after a blood bath primary.  The Right Wing will send rational people away from the Republican Party.  In the end this makes an O'Malley win possible.  He can still choose Julian Castro as his VP pick. 

It is interesting to me the Right is already attacking Julian Castro as not qualified.  He got Republicans and Independents to vote a sales tax increase in San Antonio to fund pre-k programs throughout San Antonio.  This is the kind of Democrat the Republicans fear more than Hillary herself.


Anonymous said...

Small donors matched 6 to 1?
Matched by who, who will pay for the matching funds?
BWC check who benighted financially from the Pre-K fund, it's public record.
If you think that passing a tax that benefits your spouse is not just as corrupt as any thing HRC or for that matter GWB has done your not thinking clearly.

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea what any of the gibberish means.

But the idea of public funding for presidential campaigns is not new - it has been openly supported by both Republicans and Democrats - and in fact exists but the once one candidate opts out they all do.

Bobby WC