Tuesday, May 26, 2015


UPDATE:  The Imp refuses reality and resorts to name calling and posting his own anony comment stating his reporting is "amazing."

Reality is lost on the Imp.  Why not post the FB exchange with Sossi?  It is easy enough to upload it as a picture. 

All of the people at Jessica's party saw Cesar de Leon at her party.  There were a lot of elected officials at the party.  They all know what they saw.  They will tell people the Imp's current story proves he just makes things up.  Or was he played by Sossi?  Since Cesar de Leon and Carlos Marin were clearly seen by maybe 60-70 people at Jessica's party and I was eye witness to it - not some anony source- then how could Sossi have been at Cesar's party and Marin at Longoria's party? 

Every elected official at Jessica's party reads the BV, so every one of them knows the Imp's story is one big lie, or Sossi lied to him.

Now how about doing what a real reporter would do and post the message exchange with Sossi.  If he did lie then follow up with the question of sources at Jessica's party are saying you Sossi were not there, and that Carlos Marin and Cesar de Leon were at Jessica's party and then post Sossi's response.

He cannot do that so he goes back to the same old - Blimp.


Here is the deal, there are 60-70 people witness to my claims.  I was an eye witness. The Imp actually believes people are going to forget what they themselves saw. 

After I FB Rick on the child support issue because it was odd to me he was paying directly he not only refused to answer my question he blocked me.  I cannot see his FB page.  According to the Imp this is proof Rick is paying me.  When you are desperate you turn to lies.

Original Post

This morning the Imp posted a verified story of who was at the post election party for Rick Longoria.  He says Carlos Marin was there.  I was at Jessica Tetreau's victory party with a whose who of elected officials.  Carlos Marin was there the entire time.  This is when I met him and already told the story of how I refused to acknowledge I knew him. 

The Imp also says that Mark Sossi told him that he was at Rick's , Jessica Tetreau's and Cesar de Leon's party.  To my surprise Cesar de Leon was at Jessica Tetreau's party so Mark Sossi was a lonely man at Cesar's party since Cesar was at Jessica's party.  Further, I never saw Mark Sossi at Jessica's party and I was there until about half of the people had already left.  So if the Imp lied about Carlos Marin being at Rick's party and Sossi being at Jessica's and Cesar's parties it is only reasonable to question if he is telling the truth that Sossi being at Rick's party.

When I left Jessica's party Carlos Marin was still there.

I got to Jessica's party early and left late into the night. 

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