Friday, May 8, 2015


On Wednesday while getting on the highway from Alton Gloor I see a naked black man walking around on the highway. He was clearly disoriented. It was very sad. I called 911, to learn I was one of many who had already called it in. I wanted them to understand he was clearly disoriented and not just some guy pulling a stunt.

Then yesterday while driving down Palm Blvd., towards Valley Baptist there was Robert Sanchez in a clean white shirt standing there by himself, no supporters, holding and waving a sign.  Had I not know there is an election I would have called 911 to report a disoriented man walking along Palm Blvd waving a sign.

At least in the case of the naked man he has the excuse of probable mental illness.


The election is almost over.  I have no idea who is going to win.  Nothing will surprise me.  It could be Sanchez, Perez, Zarate by a landslide.  I am not saying this will happen. I am just saying it would not surprise me.  There are too many unknown variables. 

There is no official polling, so we have no idea who is really ahead.  I do know Tetreau and Zarate both have people making calls, but there are also a lot of complaints that Zarate's people keep on calling over and over again to the point of making people mad.  The same can be said for Tony Martinez.  I am hearing the same complaints.


Remi Garza probably already knows the early voting numbers.  [correction - you will note I used the word probably - not he does know.  So Chris Davis because I am going after his father in law Joe Rodriguez is having a psychotic meltdown over my use of the word probably.  I did not use the word lightly.  It has now come to my attention the official looking at the early ballots will be this evening - but I also want to point out the point of my comment was to complement Remi Garza's handling of the election.] It is to his office's credit they will be kept secret until officially released.  [I then went on to explain if he does not release the numbers soon after 7 p.m., it will not be his fault.]  If all of the entities in this election have their proper representatives at his office at 7 p.m. tomorrow, as soon as all of the polls have reported the last person has left the polling area, Remi Garza can hit publish and we will know the results of early voting.

UPDATE:  I think Chris Davis psychotic meltdown over my use of the work probably has as much to do with the fact his office made mistakes in the 2016 primaries thereby forcing the AG's office to order him to release the affidavits stating seals on the ballot bags were broken, and that during the last BISD election before his office was hired to conduct the election he made a call in his official capacity to the SOS for the benefit of his father in law.  Chris better pay attention.  He is no longer in Brownsville were corrupt forces will run cover for him.  This kind of nonsense will not be tolerated by his current employer. 

Original Post

In one on one races, who ever wins early voting normally wins.  Well so long as they are up by at least 3% points.  In the past harvested mail ballots could upset this, but we are not expecting to see any harvested mail ballots.  So by 7:30 p.m., I suspect we can call all of the elections, unless the difference is less than 3%.  We will know the winners in the two way races and who will be in the run-offs.

Now again, it could be 10 p.m. if the people who need to be in the elections office before the numbers can be released find themselves too busy to show up on time. Remi Gaza has no control over these people.


Anonymous said...

We know what we'll get with Robert
Delinquent taxes, businesses shut down, failures, mishandling of money, crazy outbursts

BobbyWC said...

The sad part is, even if some how we can get rid of Tony Martinez, or at least make him a lame duck mayor, nothing much will change excepted ending his bad policies.

Things could actually get worse - but at this point we have to role the dice - I am not necessarily seeing a better tomorrow.

Only time will tell.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What you actually think Jessica's people aren't making calls? You have always been one sided BWC. Just because one crazy commenter posted on your blog everyone is upset? Get real Bobby....

BobbyWC said...

"I do know Tetreau and Zarate both have people making calls,"

You're desperate Sergio, what part of the above sentence did you not understand - I clearly said Jessica's people are making calls.

Plus you are just plain stupid - so I get two anti-Jessica comments back to back the first which I rejected because it is clearly made in desperation. Jessica has been a pain in the side to Juliet Garcia and Tony Martinez - she was the first and loudest voice against the give away of Lincoln Park.

Your lies otherwise will never fly.

You're desperation is making you look stupid Sergio.

And my bias - really - who did the story claiming your link to Herminia was a non story? - cropped your picture out of the picture and kept your name out of it?

Is that an example of me being biased for Jessica?

And I am aware of the story concerning the Brownsville Healthcenter - I did not go with it because Remi Garza basically denied it. But a staff member of his called him a liar.

But because it involved a potentially innocent third party I dismissed the story even though I could quote a Remi staff member calling him a liar about the complaint.

Is this another example of me being biased for Jessica?

You are pathetic Sergio - the sad part is it is any one's guess as to whether or not you will win - even on that I have not made a prediction.

Bobby WC