Friday, May 1, 2015

A reliable a source has told me that when the numbers come out later, today will be the largest turnout so far for the central library. 


In some very protracted litigation involving what is known as the me too clause, the Texas Supreme Court brought it to an end.  The city file for a rehearing and lost.  There are no federal issues, but with Mark Sossi and Tony Martinez calling the shots, I can see them wasting even more money and trying a Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the Supreme Court.  About 8000 people and entities file the Petitions per year with an average of 80 being heard.  Further, you have 90 days to file.  Anyone who knows the court, filing such a Petition over the summer is the worst time to file.  It's chances of even being read by a Justice is nearly non-existent. 

From today's orders:

CITY OF BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS v. MARCO LONGORIA AND THE BROWNSVILLE FIRE FIGHTERS' ASSOCIATION; from Cameron County; 13th Court of Appeals District (13-12-00224-CV, ___ SW3d ___, 04-03-14)
Payment on this judgment is going to do major damage to the city's budget.  How Mark Sossi gets to keep his job is beyond me. 
The city commissioners on these matters are always in a bind.  The inions want the commissioners to do as the unions want. As a city commissioner you have a fiduciary duty to the city.  When you have the city attorney telling you in executive session not to worry, you are put in an impossible bind.  If you vote against the advice of counsel you compromise the city.  If you vote with the city attorney and he is wrong - well you have what we have - a mess - a costly mess.
But the solution is, you fire the city attorney.  As commissioners they looked to Mark Sossi for competent legal advice and he was wrong at every turn.  I do not blame the city commission for their votes - they were relying on counsel.  But now that counsel has cost the city a small fortune, Mark Sossi needs to be fired.


Anonymous said...

The mayor has a lot to blame in all this, he is very vindictive towards the firefighters all because he didn't get their endorsement in the past and present elections.the firefighters wanted to settle this 3 yrs ago for a lot less but the city dug there heals in .firefighters had no choice but to move forward.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, what is your opinion on today's article in the herald about the FBI's presence (James Comey) in the valley?

BobbyWC said...

I now have the names of two agents assigned to BISD - the appearance was to send a message to the local elected officials. The special task force is real and they will bring indictments.

By Monday I expect to have my research complete on a big BISD story. The corruption is unbelievable - all 7 trustees must be removed. Also BISD will be without insurance come the end of June short of a miracle.

Dozens of lawsuits are pending to be filed and no one will insure BISD.

Bobby WC