Wednesday, May 27, 2015



Republican governors in states which did not set up exchanges for Obamacare are scrambling for Plan B in fear the U.S. Supreme Court will rule against Obamacare thereby leaving 8 million insurance subsidized individuals in these Republican states without health insurance.  When you take health insurance from 8 million people, they tend to get mad and vote for the other guy.


In the last two weeks Republican Corporatists threw Governor Jindal of Louisiana under the bus by securing enough Republican votes to defeat his religious freedom bill in the name of corporate profits.  This is going to continue to happen throughout the country with the religious right feeling like they have been abandoned by the Republicans.


As I type fiscal conservative Republicans in Nebraska said enough is enough and voted to end the death penalty in Nebraska.  They claimed the cost of death penalty cases is fiscally irresponsible and decided to end the expense.  The Republican governor vetoed the Republican Bill to end the death penalty.  The votes are there for a veto override.  The extreme Right is not going to be happy when the Governor's veto is overridden.


Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are clueless as to what is happening within the Republican Party concerning our continued limited relations with Cuba.  It is the Republican farmers of the Midwest pushing President Obama  to open Cuba.  It is corporate America pushing President Obama to open Cuba.  With these key Republican groups pushing for an end to all limitations concerning trade and travel to Cuba, the last of the Batista Floridian Republicans will have nowhere to turn.  Cruz and Rubio holding on to their Batista mentality are on the wrong side of this issue.  Once the Batistas are defeated in Florida, they never again will have a voice in the United States.  But they will turn on the Republican Party as the source of their defeat.


Anonymous said...

Just two weeks after it died in the Texas House, a measure designed to subvert a potential U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage has been suddenly revived in the Texas Senate.

Sen. Eddie Lucio

Sen. Eddie Lucio, D-Brownsville, chair of the Senate Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, added to an omnibus bill on county government — HB 2977 by state Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston — language from state Rep. Cecil Bell’s failed HB 4105. HB 4105 would have barred state and local officials from licensing, enforcing or recognizing a same-sex marriage even if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples.

The committee first approved the revised HB 2977 Monday night. The committee took a second vote today after some committee members objected that Sen. Lucio hadn’t told them that the marriage language had been added to the bill. Sen. Lucio, a Democrat, voted with three Republicans to approve the revised bill. Two Democrats, Sen. Sylvia Garcia of Houston and Sen. José Menéndez of San Antonio, voted against.

A coalition of civil liberties and LGBT-rights organizations — American Civil Liberties Union of Texas, Equality Texas, Texas Freedom Network and the Human Rights Campaign — issued the following statements about the revised bill:

Terri Burke, Executive Director, ACLU of Texas:

“Sen. Lucio’s attempt to stain Texas’ reputation with this retrograde legislation demonstrates that he’s on the wrong side of history and not in line with Texas values. In the long run, we are confident that the Supreme Court will grant loving LGBT couples the freedom to marry in Texas. And we call upon the Senate to defeat this attempt to enshrine discrimination in our state.”

Chuck Smith, Executive Director, Equality Texas:

“At its core, the amendment added to HB 2977 by Sen. Lucio is an attempt to subvert any future ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on the freedom to marry. Pursuing a strategy to defy the Supreme Court will cost Texas taxpayers millions in litigation and cause great damage to our economy and reputation. In its present form, HB2977 must be defeated.”

Kathy Miller, President, Texas Freedom Network:

“This reckless move tosses aside the state’s responsibilities under the U.S. Constitution and callously betrays loving gay and lesbian couples who simply want to make a lifetime commitment and protect their families the same way everyone else does. Every senator, regardless of party, should reject this revised bill and save Texas from the same firestorm of criticism that swept through Indiana and other states that have passed legislation promoting discrimination against LGBT people and their families.”

Marty Rouse, National Field Director, Human Rights Campaign:

“This amendment sends an extreme message about the future of the Lone Star State – a future where all Texans are not welcome to live and thrive. Texas Senators must do everything in their power to stop this destructive and divisive assault on LGBT Texans and their families before it inflicts needless damage on this great state

BobbyWC said...

Years ago Senator Lucio gave the Republicans the final vote they needed for the Anti-Gay Marriage Ban put in our constitution. In exchange he got life without the possibility of parole as an alternative to the death penalty,

I am sure all the Right radical right players committed a small fortune to Eddie Lucio III campaign for Senate to replace his father.

The Texas Democrats being worthless will not denounce either the father or the son.

I would like to think Senator Lucio hung his son, but he has not. The Democrats will back his son for the State Senate.

Texas will be the last state to end this radical agenda of the radical right because there is no Democratic Party in Texas to oppose it.

Wendy was a huge mistake. She was as anti-Texan values as possible.

The Texas Democratic Party stands for nothing, which is why they cannot united the people against the Republicans.

What they need to do now is demand Lucio leave the party - they will not- they will turn a blind eye to Perry [the home builder] and James Dannenbaum donating to Eddie Lucio III's senate campaign. Everyone knows they are big time Republican backers and the Democrats will say nothing.

If the Democrats cared, and they do not, they would be working on recruiting qualified candidates to run against Eddie Lucio III for the Senate race, and a highly qualified candidate to replace the III in the House - but they will not

Bobby WC