Saturday, May 30, 2015


One of Brownsville's great joys is its weather.  Go to the beach - go to the park - get outside.

Just go have fun and stop worrying about things.


It starts at 1 p.m. - I suspect we will know by 3 p.m.  The second I get the update I will post it.  Any change in the result will be a major statistical anomaly.  The historical record and statistics make Zarate's chance of a change near zero.

But anomalies do happen - so who knows.

UPDATE:  I blows my mind people are smart enough to find this blog but not smart enough to google the meaning of a word.

Anomaly in the context of this recount simply means it would be outside what historical evidence concerning COB recounts teaches us and the fact 24 of the 25 provisional ballots in this district race were undercounts.  The overwhelming statistical odds are against Zarate.

But it would not be the first time the long shot in a horse race wins.  That is an anomaly.  Get it.

BUT, IT DOES NOT MEAN Zarate cannot win.  I never said that - but the ignorant must show their cards.

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