Friday, May 1, 2015


628 people voted early.  This is the lowest count of the week.  My source about the Central Library turned out wrong - while they hit the same number of voters as Monday, 389, yesterday at 401 still remains the best day.  The Brownsville Community Health Center had its best day at 87, which is more than the Elections Office, or the Southmost Library. We are now at 3421 early votes. It is any one's guess at this point if we will meet 2011's early vote turn-out.

But the good news is all is quiet on the campaigns filing conspiracy theories against one another. This election is  turning out clean - so it seems.  And with rare exception the candidates are just out there looking for votes without feeling a need to use the Internet to plant bogus stories, through anony posts.


Anonymous said...

People don't vote because of idiots like you and Jessica that turn people off with all the drama and victim syndrome. You two act like you don't ever spill a glass of milk.

BobbyWC said...

So I do a story saying there is no story concerning Jessica's opponent and Herminia while leaving out his name and picture so as not to create an image of a story, and that is me creating drama for Jessica.

There was another story from an anonymous poster and I rejected it - why because Remi Garza after I inquired basically said there was nothing there.

But apparently me documenting the problems with DownbytheBorder using their own filings is drama

You are pathetic and desperate.

Anonymous said...

So what the first comment is saying is that people vote based on what BWC or Barton or Montoya or Paz Martinez give as an opinion? If that is how this person votes then what a poor informed person he/she is and it is a shame that he/she has that opinion of the general electorate. As a registered voter and a person who already early voted, I read the newspaper, research the background of the people running for a particular position, look at what they've done in my district and in the city; yes, I do read some of the blogs, BUT I dont make my decision based on what bloggers write. I DONT like people calling me at home after hours, I DONT like people that "Imagine Brownsville" and in almost four years have a different perspective than mine of what I imagine for my home town. I want a mayor that is able to go to the front of the line and say to the waste and liquid gas companies, NOT IN BROWNSVILLE and NOT for Free and I stand for the residents and the citizens, I want a mayor that is able to stand to UT and say you are not the only University that is welcomed in Brownsville, no, you are not getting Lincoln Park for free, I want a commissioner that goes and tells the public works people GET TO WORK, fix the potholes, take care of the city needs and stands by you and not against you. I want to see a Sony or Hitachi company in Brownsville, NOT in Matamoros, I DONT want toxic waste in my water, or in the clean Brownsville air, I dont want companies from other parts coming here because citizens in other parts of the country kicked them out. THAT IS HOW I IMAGINE Brownsville. STOP CALLING paid "politiqueros" I ALREADY VOTED.