Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The case is one of incredible intrigue.  The plaintiff basically alleges that all of his complaints to sheriff Lucio's staff among others fell on deaf ears.  The complaints include endless rapes and extortion by gang members in the jail.  If you are to believe Bandjan, the gangs run the prison and not Sheriff Lucio.  I note Sheriff Lucio has been dismissed from the lawsuit in both his official and individual capacity.  But this does not change the fact the picture of the jail painted by the Plaintiff is a jail run by a gang.
Federal Judge Tagle found sufficient fact questions for the case to go to trial.  At the heart of the case is extreme mismanagement at the jail.  No matter how you look at it, this falls on Sheriff Lucio.  Now Judge Tagle did make an interesting finding which could lead a jury to find for the remaining defendants, well if they finds new attorneys,  See page 15 of the opinion.

Lucio's attorneys are  Lead Attorney Juan Antonio Gonzalez, with the county civil division, and  Bruce Hodge.

On May 13, 2015, the court held a hearing as to whether or not Bandjan exhausted his administrative remedies before suit.  A ruling is pending from the court..

I can find no date for final trial. 

In the end the opinion documents a very disturbing mismanagement of the jail.  Sheriff Lucio will have to answer for this in the March 2016, primaries.


Anonymous said...

Who cares he can't be babysittin people in jail that they put themselves there.

Anonymous said...

All jails are run by gangs you crazy dude! Stop trying to make a storm out of a glass of water.....rape, extortion, are all part of all jail systems....dummy.

BobbyWC said...

Well you might want to tell the courts about your brilliant notions about jails because they beg to differ. YOu cannot just ignore this conduct and allow the inmates to be victimized.

If Judge Tagle in the end allows this case to go ot trial, the county will pay and Lucio will lose the election. Even without a trial the findings by Judge Tagle will be used against Lucio.

Bobby WC