Tuesday, May 12, 2015


In working on the story of Juan Perales, I came upon this page.  What a great page.  If you like Brownsville's old buildings it is a great page.


On Juan Perales, I am waiting on verification the town library may have archives going back to 1914, 1915.  I have learned through several books and dissertations that Pancho Villa's troops were active in this child's town during this time.  But if they verify they have archives, I will be on a bus and spend several days in Mexico researching - well depending how my surgery future looks.

Believe it or not a lot of research is being done on Juan Perales by several archivists who have taken a great interest in this kid's story.

For now it appears based on a Herald article that Red Cross nurses were in fact in Brownsville, but that Juan Perales was brought to a hospital by the Red Cross nurses which was not a Red Cross hospital.

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