Saturday, May 2, 2015


The readers and people on the street are telling me they are done with this election.  They have made up their minds.  Oh a few votes may change based on the phone calls being made and the door to door campaigning, but for the most part people have decided.  I am hard pressed to believe those reading the blogs who are going to vote have not already decided how to vote.

It is really time to just wait for the week and see what happens.  The early votes will be released any time after 7 p.m., if the proper representatives from the varies cities conducting elections are present.  The latter is the key - if a city representative decides to not show until 8 p.m. the elections office may not release the numbers.


A reader posted this as part of a larger comment on another post.  I am going to copy and paste the entire  comment under this post because it is part of this theme - but the following sentence was very telling.  To the candidates - the people are tired of the election - just stop with the annoying phone calls.  To a person I know who has received a call within the last week is not happy.  They want it to stop.

From the reader:

" STOP CALLING paid "politiqueros" I ALREADY VOTED."


Today and tomorrow I hope to finish a major story which will hopefully force the state to finally intervene.  Every Board Member is corrupt.  Joe Rodriguez now owns Cesar Lopez.  Minerva Peña in exchange for Joe Rodriguez protecting Rita Hernandez and Teri Alarcon will do exactly as she is told, no matter how wrong it may be.

I have now had two incidents with Teri Alarcon not properly overseeing bullying of special needs children and Bela.  I got an ear full from a lot of people - Teri does not see this as a problem.  Well I do.  It is clear BISD is not going to do anything about the bullying of children because it will mean removing those who are protected by Minerva Peña, and Joe Rod will not allow for that since he needs Minerva to remain in de facto control.

Cesar Lopez and Joe Rod are at odds with one another big time.  Joe Rod is claiming Cesar Lopez lied about sending an email to Otis Powers requesting a special board meeting for the stop gap insurance, and that in fact it was Cesar Lopez who went to Mendoza to ask that Miguel Salinas draft a letter justifying the purchase of the insurance the board rejected. If what Joe Rod is telling people is true, Cesar Lopez is in a lot of trouble with the FBI.  There are now at least two agents assigned to the BISD insurance mess.

BISD is facing a deadline for insurance to cover its endless lawsuits, without a single bid from anyone willing to cover BISD.  If this becomes a reality the state will have to intervene, especially since there are more lawsuits coming.


This Board is so determined to destroy the school district it has become everyone covering for everyone to keep the corruption going.  Hopefully the FBI raid will come soon and end it all.

But that will be Monday.


Assuming I remember I will publish the new feature at 7 p.m.  I meant to do it last week, but I was just too out of it with the surgery to remember anything.  By the way, I have another cold and sinus infection. I did not take one pain killer after the surgery - but the Tylenol is not working and the pain is enough I am going to sooner than later have to go on the pain killers.  Yesterday they told me everything looks good - I was told the pain and fever two weeks out is not abnormal to just be patient.

 The fever may be from the inflamed cystic duct.  I see a surgeon on Wednesday for that.  The specialized MRI shows it to now be significantly larger than the original gallbladder. Of note - Zetia is known to cause this problem post removal of the gallbladder - In as much as it is the only cholesterol medicine I can tolerate it has me worried.  The good news is, my dosage is very small, and my cholesterol numbers are way within normal limits - so maybe I can go without the Zetia.

But go buy a nice bottle of wine and tune in at 7 p.m.


BobbyWC said...

This was posted with another story on early voting - I approved it there, but am also putting it here because it goes with the theme of this post.

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " FIRDAY'S NUMBER SHOW LOWEST DAY WITH LIBRARY HITT...":

So what the first comment is saying is that people vote based on what BWC or Barton or Montoya or Paz Martinez give as an opinion? If that is how this person votes then what a poor informed person he/she is and it is a shame that he/she has that opinion of the general electorate. As a registered voter and a person who already early voted, I read the newspaper, research the background of the people running for a particular position, look at what they've done in my district and in the city; yes, I do read some of the blogs, BUT I dont make my decision based on what bloggers write. I DONT like people calling me at home after hours, I DONT like people that "Imagine Brownsville" and in almost four years have a different perspective than mine of what I imagine for my home town. I want a mayor that is able to go to the front of the line and say to the waste and liquid gas companies, NOT IN BROWNSVILLE and NOT for Free and I stand for the residents and the citizens, I want a mayor that is able to stand to UT and say you are not the only University that is welcomed in Brownsville, no, you are not getting Lincoln Park for free, I want a commissioner that goes and tells the public works people GET TO WORK, fix the potholes, take care of the city needs and stands by you and not against you. I want to see a Sony or Hitachi company in Brownsville, NOT in Matamoros, I DONT want toxic waste in my water, or in the clean Brownsville air, I dont want companies from other parts coming here because citizens in other parts of the country kicked them out. THAT IS HOW I IMAGINE Brownsville. STOP CALLING paid "politiqueros" I ALREADY VOTED. "

Bobby WC - from an anony reader

BobbyWC said...

This is your second attempt to go after this person on the BV - you obviously have no idea how the BV works - those type anony posts which I have seen approved on other blogs never get through here.

I deal in proof.

But since you seem to have so much evidence for the FBI how about getting off your lazy ass and going over to their office and give it to them and stop posting as an anony on the blogs

Bobby WC