Saturday, May 9, 2015



This time around more people voted election day along with mail ballots than early voting - I guess with mail-ballots counting as early voting, early voting by a hair still had a few more votes.

CORRECTION:  The above statement is wrong.  The way the elections office entered the numbers in two different places is confusing.  But if you just look to the candidates column for early voting and election day voting, a lot more people voted early than election day.  The correction comes from a reader.


Tony Martinez 2365 with mail ballots 2408 total 3499

The city is starting to report election day - Tony could take this out right again.  It will be close - right now it looks like a long shot he could outright win - but his numbers are climbing.

Pat Aumada 989 with mail ballots 1001 total 1443

Erasmos Castro came in 3rd

Bob Sanchez running a distant 4th

Unless Debbie Portillo llips with Cesar De Leon's out right win, Tony Martinez and Galonasky will control the city commission.  Even with a run-off - it will take a miracle for Pat to win - the numbers are not there, and his opponents are too selfish to endorse him and work for him. 


Cesar de Leon 2907 with mail ballots 2952 COUNTY 5 SHOWING WILL WIN WITHOUT A RUN-OFF

Gerardo Martinez 1359 with mail ballots 1378



I've got to go, but the above is what is on the city's page - but it does not update Rick or Michael's numbers so I am not sure.  The county has not updated its numbers in a whilte

Rick Longoria 457  with mail-ballots 469  election day votes has him at 49.% total 671

Election day numbers are pulling Rick closer to 50% - it is going to be close

Michael and Roman are tied for second

Michael Gonzalez 276 with mail ballots 276- total 346

Roman Perez 229 with mail ballots 233 election day votes has Roman gaining ground on Gonzalez - total 346


Jessica Tetreau Kalifa  721 with mail ballots 726  Election day total 1048

Sergio Zarate 708 with mail ballots 717 Election day Total 1029

While I am posting the numbers you can click here for the county page, or here for the city page


Anonymous said...

"This time around more people voted election day along with mail ballots than early voting."

That's completely not so. Check your math again.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry, you are correct - it was not a math problem - it is the way the county report reads - but once you read just the columns it is clear early voting was a lot more voters than election day

I will make not of the correction

Bobby wC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, in your opinion what needs to be done in this runoff by Mr. Ahumada? Social media, TV, blockwalking, newspaper ads?

BobbyWC said...

It's over with. His opponents for the most part will not endorse Pat. With Tony nearly winning outright Pat will have a hard time raising money.

I will vote for him and ask others to vote for him - but it is hopeless.

Smart people know bogus ads. Some of his ads were bogus - normally I would have gone after him for some of the things in his ads. He turned people off. He went too far and proved to people he is still Pat.

The question is will Debbie Portillo flip on Tony, and when will the real Cesar De Leon, show his face. Galonsky did not give him money for nothing. He had Tony's machine and Galonsky's money.

But once we see how he votes we will learn who he really is.

At this point it is anyone's guess.

The interesting question is, will Tony put his political machine against Rick Longoria in the run-off. Rick's community support is solid. If he cannot out right win with the provisional ballots, that election should be interesting.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Pat's opponents will help Tony instead in exchange for settling campaign debts or getting some type of an appointment?

BobbyWC said...

I think Pat will get very little help from his opponents - Erasmo said he did not have time to think about it and was taking mothers day off and then posted during the day.

Erasmo was in it for Erasmo - he will turn to Tony - no doubt in my mind

Sanchez already attacked Pat big time.

Brenda Joyas and William Garza have nothing to offer.

If there were a way to cancel the run-off it would be best as a way to save the taxpayer money

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Apparently Sanchez has endorsed Pat Ahumada.

BobbyWC said...

It seems so - so after trashing him for months now Sanchez says Pat is the man.

This is a lost cause - but I will still vote against Tony - that is the bottom line. I will also encourage people to vote against Tony.

What else can we do?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Castro endorses Tony, wouldn't that go against everything that he stood for in his race?