Tuesday, May 5, 2015


When Gilbert Hinojosa tried to play his games with the park on SPI, the people of SPI and Port Isabel organized and delivered Carlos Cascos Gilbert Hinojosa's job as County Judge.

It is as if the politicians of Cameron county have syphilis on the brain.  Some want us to just basically give Lincoln Park to one of the wealthiest university systems in the world.  Now the city and county officials want us to agree to a property tax to help fund a new UT medical school through a bogus community hospital.  Where the hospital will be no one knows.  How the poorest of the poor who are its intended patients will get to the hospital no one knows.

The politicians seem to think we as the people are in an endless giving mode - we are not.

As if all of the above is not enough, now the LNG people do not want to pay property taxes.  When will the taking from the poorest of the poor end?  In the eyes of people like most of our local politicians - never.  Masso better get on the right side of this argument yesterday or kiss good-bye any chance of becoming our next DA.

SPI and Port Isabel are going to fight tooth and nail to stop LNG.  If the farmers can be properly educated on the acid rain issue they will join the battle.  It remains to be seen if the people will organize beyond blogging their objection. 

If the opposition forms to LNG as expected, Masso could actually deliver the DA position to a Republican. 

Masso better think this out and fast - as a Port Commissioner he has to know he is in the direct line of fire of those opposing LNG.

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