Thursday, May 21, 2015


Full story on Friday - off to bed

Okay my time is tight, I have an appellate brief due and I am behind.  I know the firm which contracted me can win this one.  I've got to stay focused.


When I was told they took no action on the 6 month extension of Desperanza Zendejas contract, the source also told me she would be declared the sole finalist in the search.

The Board then instead of saying what they always do, no action taken, voted to do as agreed to in Executive Session.  So when Juanito posted the story BISD was hiring a new superintendent - it hit me what the source was telling me.  They voted to give Desperanza Zendejas permission to hire herself.

The Agenda Item was narrowly tailored to only the issue of her extension. 

The BV with its sources stopped the hiring of Zendejas at the last meeting and the BV with its sources will stop it in June.  Zendejas career in Texas will then come to an end.

Further the issue of authorizing an interim superintended to post a job opening for superintendent is not subject to Executive Session.

What they did was discuss and agree that Desperanza Zendejas was to post the job opening for in house candidates only. 

This is a violation of the Open Meetings Act for two reasons.  [1] it was not on the agenda; [2] authorizing the hiring of a new superintendent is not subject to Executive Session.  The entire thing is a crime as it has been handled. Saenz of course will take no action, but the TEA appears to have authority to look into the matter.

On Monday I will more fully develop this.  I need to do some more research.  An attorney can certainly file a lawsuit to undo the vote and end Joe Rodriguez and Desperanza Zendejas for good.  This is the way I would prefer it.

Presas-Garcia is free to call a press conference and tell the truth.  She will not - sad because it will make her the hero an insure her reelection, whereas if a lawsuit has to be filed she will be part of the conspiracy.

But I am looking into TEA rules to see if we can get the TEA to stop it.

Monday I will have this more fully developed.

But for now, off to the appellate brief.


Anonymous said...

Please listen the the last three minutes of the video of the special called meeting. The did say no action on number 13. the vacancy was created when they accepted Dr. Montoyas resignation. The Supt. does not do the posting of positions.

BobbyWC said...

I will listen this weekend. But the board ordered administration to hire a search firm. Administration cannot just ignore the board. This is why i tend to believe the source when they say they agreed to post the position. But i will carefully listen to the tape

Anonymous said...

The board is the only one who can hire a search firm. Their secretary should provide them eithe a list of firms. I am referring to Mrs. Perez . The position was posted but they did not take any action on the item extending Dr Z,s contract.