Wednesday, May 20, 2015


It is time we focus on the next big battle.  We the people have to approve this hospital district.  Which means we can vote it down.  It is really a back door tax on the people to fund another UT medical school.  At what point will UT be happy with its endless raping of the people of Brownsville.

Cameron county is a big county. Where will this hospital go?  If the models used elsewhere hold up it will go in Harlingen or near Harlingen because if we get a VA hospital that is where the VA hospital will go.  The model is always the same, the VA hospital and county hospital become teaching hospitals for the medical schools.  The people fund both through tax dollars, while they receive substandard care from doctors in training.

A fortune will be spent on pushing for the new taxing district.  We need to begin to educate the people now before they are duped into thinking if they vote for a hospital district a few tax dollars will get them free healthcare.

How are the people in Southmost to get to Harlingen if the hospital is built in Harlingen, and if the hospital is built in Brownsville how are the poor all over the county to get to Brownsville?

We cannot let the poor be played into thinking a yes vote means they get free healthcare.  When they find out they cannot get to the hospital because its future location is being kept secret, it will be too late to change their misguided vote.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same tax that was tried to pass in Hidalgo County a voters rejected?
I hope Cameron County is not dumb enough to let it pass with voter apathy.

BobbyWC said...

It is time to educate the people - they will be duped if we remain silent

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

This explains why Juliette Garcia still has a title and "job". The only people I see promoting a new taxing district all have ties back to her.