Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I've never met a politician so driven towards self destruction and double standards than Pat Ahumada.  But the fact remains he is the only other person on the ballot other than Tony Martinez.  So you either vote to keep Tony or your hold your nose and vote for Pat.

Four years ago Pat got his butt kicked by Tony and was resoundingly rejected by the people of Brownsville, while Longoria nearly lost to one of Brownsville's most notorious pathological liars, Roman Perez.

In part the results of 4 years ago were the result of the bi-monthly circus put on by Longoria and Ahumada.  It was endless bickering by the two which hurt both.  This time around Longoria was not dealing with the image of being in endless bickering with the mayor, and he nearly won out right in a three way race.  This difference over the last four years is lost on Roman Perez and his supporters.

But because Pat Ahumada is hell bent on his own self destruction he is determined to remind the people he must still make Longoria look bad, while Longoria moves forward with his campaign pointing out his accomplishments to his constituents.

Pat cries like a baby out of control if any one even tries to mention his personal life and mistakes, but then for significance he runs to the Imp who has made trashing Rick his new purpose in life.

The other day the Imp posted one of his hard hitting journalistic articles having Pat Ahumada's supporter trashing Erasmo Castro.  With Ahumada begging for Castro's endorsement the Imp was ordered to take down the article and poof this great piece of trash journalism disappeared.


In a run-off, where there is also a district run-off you do not get involved in the district run-off by pissing on the supporters of the person who nearly won 50% of the vote in round one.  This is what I mean by Pat Ahumada's obsession with self destruction.

People remember the endless bickering between Longoria and Ahumada.  But in the last four years Longoria moved on, while Pat seem to be holding on to the last argument before he was unceremoniously tossed from office. 

In all likelihood the largest turn out will be in District 1 because of the run-off.  This is lost on Ahumada - but not on many of his supporters.  Yesterday I called some and some called me concerned.  I was frank with them - Ahumada is hell bend on losing and will.  He can never let anything go.  Many of his supporters are starting to see their support as costing them political capital.  They will still vote for him, but are beginning to pull back on how hard they will support him.  Such as me, they are tired of having people get in their face to explain why Pat Ahumada will never change.


Pat has set the standard, and the BV will play.

Pat says personal life is off the table but meets with the Imp who then posts the name and picture of Rick Longoria's ex wife who then proceeds to mock her proficiency in English based on a rumor. [we know where that information came from Pat - you meet with the Imp and then inside information from the city is on his page - attacking Rick's ex wife]

What does Rick's ex wife have to do with anything?  She defends the father of her child and is punished by having her picture posted and her English mocked.

Ahumada may be the biggest clown to ever seek public office in Brownsville.  He is running neck and neck with Roman Perez.

Ahumada is on bended knee begging for the endorsement of Erasmo Castro, a man who but for an illegal order under review by DPS, would formally have a felony conviction, while working with the Imp knowing full well the Imp is defaming Rick and now his ex wife over a personal score the Imp has with McHale.

I will play Pat Almighty - you can cry like a baby over the people talking about your personal life, but since you want to make Rick Longoria's personal life an issue by aligning with the Imp, then the BV is going to cover your personal life.

I promised some of your supporters I would hold until they tried to get you to admit your association with the Imp was a big mistake, but yesterday you met with the Imp and now personal information on Rick's ex wife is on the Internet with a cowardly attack on her English - now I am done Pat - you want to make Rick's ex wife and personal life an issue - then let's play.

You cry Pat Almighty, but remember you brought it upon yourself.

The Imp is not merely mentally ill - he is pure unadulterated evil.  When the Imp used as a weapon the death of a man's young child to bring upon McHale emotional distress, I knew I had finally read the most evil thing I could ever read on the Internet. It was not the result of mental illness, but pure evil.

You would think if anyone understands the pain of losing a child it is Pat Ahumada.  But Pat is obsessed with his self destruction.  Any real man who has ever lost a child would have torn the Imp to shreds for his evil conduct, but not Pat Ahuamada - he runs to the Imp in hopes of being relevant.

So Pat you think posting pictures of Rick Longoria's ex wife, and mocking her English after you met with the Imp yesterday is acceptable - fine

Your personal life and every mistake you made is now part of the campaign.  And remember Pat who made that decision - you - because you are determined to destroy yourself.


Anonymous said...

You gave Ahumada the nickname of "Pat Almighty"...we do not need to go back to that.

BobbyWC said...

Tony Martinez is way worse on the Almighty issue than Pat ever was

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You criticized Pat daily. Do you not remember? Why would you want to go back to the embarrassment he put our city through? You should demand a criminal investigation be brought on Tony Martinez and Galonsky for the theft they did on the sale of Casa Nylon....not bring Pat back.

BobbyWC said...

I even haven't posted the story I you already know where I am going with it.

I have demanded a criminal investigation against Tony and Galonsky.

No blog has broken more stories involving Tony's criminal and unethical conduct than the BV.

But in about 5 minutes when you see the actual post, you will realize how silly your comment is.

How about waiting in the future sot see where I am going with a post, before your comment.

Just an idea

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You say you don't want Tony back, so we should vote for Pat. But then you trash Pat. Make up your mind. If you want your readers to vote for someone, convince us as to why, instead of sounding like a Tony supporter.

BobbyWC said...

You clearly have no concept of no sacred cows. Pat is determined to destroy himself.

Pat cannot and will not win. His own supporters are tired of defending him.

Rick Longoria can work with a new majority which will hold Tony Martinez in check when necessary.

There will be times the new city commission will vote with Tony because it is the right thing to do.

For now its seems what we are going to have is no clear majority with Cesar and Portillo as swing votes. This will hold Tony in check - which is the goal.

Pat has made his bed and now cries like a baby when he has to look at the bed he has made for himself.

He's a clown. I am not going to chance Tony being able to control this city four more years on Pat winning.

He is the most self destructive Politian I have ever seen.

He has no standards -

Pat wants to help make Rick's personal life and his ex wife an issue - then I will play along.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Pat hasn't posted about Rick and wouldn't do so, I speak to him daily and if elected he knows he can work with Rick Longoria. I think after what Tony has done they would appreciate each other more. People change and so do circumstances so I believe Pat who has never attacked any of the other candidates. He takes the mayor to task on all the issues but that's legit. You're too fickle Bobby and you jump to conclusions or try to connect dots that aren't there.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments say that you need to convince us to vote for Mr. Ahumada. I DONT need you to convince me of anything. I live in District 2 so I dont have to vote for a commissioner run-off but I will NOT vote for Tony Martinez; NOT because of what you write or not write, but because that is the way I FEEL my vote should go.
Bogs inform; I MAKE THE DECISION who to vote for, I make the mistake or I make the assertion based on my beliefs not on what bloggers opinions no matter how right or wrong they are.

BobbyWC said...

You are wrong. You cannot turn a blind eye to someone bringing Rick's personal life into the election and then work with that person demanding people leave his personal life out of it.

It's black and white. He has no standards.

His own supporters are telling me they just cannot keep on telling people to vote for him. They will vote for him. But many of them are done.

I called several, several called me. People are sickened by what is happening.

People know Pat will never change.

He damaged himself among Rick's supporters - there is no going back.

Pat is determined to destroy himself.

He does not get to say keep my personal life out of it while working with the man out right defaming Rick whose supporters are key to Ahumada's win.

Pat is just plain stupid and will never change.

He brought us Tony once and now has guaranteed 4 more years of Tony. The people of Brownsville will never forgive him.

Pat is just too self destructive to ever lead.

Now instead of coming after me how about Pat denouncing the Imp's use of Rick's personal life and now bringing Rick's ex wife into it. Yea Pat will never do that because everyone but his personal life is fair game.

Well now Pat's personal life will be profiled every day.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

To 10:07, I concur

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Pats not attacking Rick Bobby. He doesn't control bloggers or even supporters he just tries to get his message out, he's not a tyrant to censor people.

pat ahumada said...

With all due respect, what your are stating to be fact or true is not. I have been and am focused on my race for mayor. I have spoken with Rick with the assurance that we will work together for the betterment of our city. Given the opportunity, I will work with all who is on the commission.

I cannot control what you say or print, nor can I control those who Erasmo Castro has alienated and I certainly do not know enough about Rick's personal business, nor am I interested in the gossip. There are always two sides to every story, but it is not for me to get involved in a personal matter.

Thank you and kindest regards,

BobbyWC said...

You completely missed the point. He is giving a voice to someone who is making a big deal over Rick's personal life while he cries like a baby every time someone speaks about his personal life.

That's the point. You obviously do not like it.

So fine, Pat by his own conduct is helping the Imp to make candidate's personal lives an issue.

He made his choice and now he will live with it.

As to comments accusing me of taking money - they will never get through - every candidate who has ever met with me knows - I will not so much as allow them to leave my part of the tip.

This is a fact and every candidate who has ever met with me knows I am solid on this.

Even the night I went to Tetreau's victory party I bought my own soda - I would not accept the free drinks.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I might vote for Pat if he comes clean and tells us how the 26,000.00 check ended up in his hands.