Monday, May 4, 2015

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Anonymous said...

Obviously she hasn't worked for the city of Brownsville. It is worse.

BobbyWC said...

I think they are head to head. The city is bad. If Ahumada wins it would not surprise me Cabler either retires, or quits if Ahumada has the majority. I can say with 100% certainty, the city employees want Cabler gone yesterday. Every city employee I know is voting Ahumada. This does not mean he will win. They have not forgotten the past. They are just hopeful that if they deliver him the victory he will send Cabler packing.

I am getting an ear full on the head of HR - I have a story I would love to verify, but I cannot - so it stays in the go nowhere file.

There are good people at the city. People who are proud of their service and work hard every day for the city, hate those who are protected and do not have to work. But they know they have to tow the line and they hate it - especially when it hurts our city.

With a competent city commission, including mayor, and a professional highly qualified City manager and head of HR, Brownsville can do many things.

I can tell you there are city employees who want to help you fix problems, but they cannot because they are too busy taking care of the privileged.

Remember I cannot sleep without my CPAP - Flying has become a big problem. I need to see about switching to American. Since United took over Continental I can no longer fly 757's to NY. The 737 does not have electrical plugs in the middle seat legs.

My sister died in her sleep from her sleep apnea - she was undiagnosed. Even sitting up in a plane seat within seconds of falling asleep I stop breathing - in fact I stop while going under - so I am still partially awake.

Last summer during a really hot night the box behind my house blew. They came out to work on it. Actually the box blew after they started to work on it. When the electricity went out I woke up choking.

I called the BPUB and they came pretty fast. I sat out back with Buster watching them. The first box blew so they went to the one more directly behind my fence. That one blew.

I noticed after a while they were packing up and I asked what was up and they told me they were told to go over to an area near Palm Blvd. I said hell no - they were not leaving until they finish the job. They told me they were told by dispatch to leave the job.

I called dispatched and told them I did not care who was complaining they needed electricity unless it was a nursing home of hospital, their people were not moving.

They made it clear the order came from higher up.

I told them if their people left I would wake up Brusiak and have him on the phone with a complaint. The workers went back to work.

City employees get in the middle of this stuff all of the time. They hate it. They just want to do their job, the privileged will not allow for that.

Bobby WC