Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The full story and Executive Session rumbling.

As the BV has proven, anyone in Executive Session is free to publicly discuss what is said in Executive Session.  The AG and the courts have made this clear. Well sources in the room are finally coming forward.

The Board lied when they got to the item to extend Desperanza Zendejas' contract.  They took a vote to do what they agreed to in Executive Session.

This was a con.  In Executive Session they decided to take no action.  When this happens, during the vote the Board President announces no action taken.  So why did Minerva Peña lead the outright lie to the people?

The lawyers are working overtime to pull off this con of ignoring Desperanza Zendejas insubordination of not bringing to the Board a list of qualified companies to do a national search for a superintendent.  She knew from day one, no search would be conducted.  It was a con job to which she was party to from the moment she got the job offer from Joe Rodriguez.

In Executive Session the con job was discussed.

In  2017, Otis Powers, and Cata Presas-Garcia are up for reelection.  They can call a press conference now informing the people of Desperanza Zendejas' insubordination and the con job being pulled off on the children of BISD, while demanding the Board keep its promise of a national search.  They can call for her immediate discharge for insubordination and the people will stand with them.

But this is Brownsville.  The press conference would be fair because it is the truth and the people have a right to know.  It would also set both up for reelection.  It's mind-numbing that Otis Powers and Cata Presas-Garcia are remaining silent on an issue which protects them in 2017, and will bring down Minerva Peña and Joe Rodriguez today.


Anonymous said...

How is no action lying. This could be om many agendas before action is taken.

BobbyWC said...

Everyone who watches the meetings knows they always say no action taken . It was a pathetic attempt at deception - defend it all you want , but the people know the truth , they always say no action taken

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It's 2016. Only five months from people announcing who will run against Cata, Otiss, Minnie, and Hector. Should be interesting to see who decides to throw their hat in the ring.

BobbyWC said...

First you are correct it is 2016. I cannot wait to see Minerva's reaction when she realizes Joe Rodríguez will be running someone against her. This fake Christian will finally get her due.

Bobby wc

Anonymous said...

Don't you think Otis Powers & Cata Presas Garcia are silent because they are on board with everything that is happening at BISD. Come on, use your brain.

Oh and how will this help them in 2017?

BobbyWC said...

My last comment made note the correct date is 2016, not 2017. So you are wrong on that account.

They are up for reelection. It is going to be a blood bath and them coming forward now will make them look good.

I am research a possible Open Meetings Violation concerning the hiring process they announced.

I have no problem with Presas-Garcia and Otis being part of this in terms of you being correct.

But my perspective is, I put out there that if they truly care about the children they need to speak up. It is called a set up.

They remain silent and lose the ability to later claims they were opposed to the con job.

You give them a chance to speak - when they do not then you get to say they are no better.

Cata is probably hoping for more travel time. We shall see.

But you have to give them a chance to hang themselves before you declare them hung.

Bobby WC