Thursday, April 23, 2015


I am waiting to see if general counsel for the UT Board of Regents is going to respond to my demand that the Board explain why they have UTRGV President Guy Bailey conspiring with Tony Martinez against Brownsville over Lincoln Park.

I have repeatedly reported that my sources are telling me a majority of the UT Board wants nothing to do with Tony Martinez.  Is this why Tony initiated the call to UTRGV President Guy Bailey?  The city and UT are represented by counsel.  All negotiations should be going through counsel and not Tony Martinez and Guy Bailey.  Was Guy Bailey a willing participant in this conspiracy to dupe the Brownsville city commission to remove the Rose Gowen vote from the lawsuit?

Guy Bailey has not been a welcomed voice to the LRGV.  He summarily dismissed the voices of the people in how he went about choosing the name of the mascot.

He lost the vote on the hospital district in Hidalgo county.  He will lose the vote in Brownsville and Cameron county.  His decision to be party to Tony machinations are not going to help UT in its effort to create a medical school.  Without a community hospital funded by local tax dollars there will be no medical school, unless UT picks up the full cost.

I know for a fact there are going to be UT Regent members livid over the call between Martinez and Bailey.  It was a stupid and desperate move.

We shall see how the UT Board of Regents reacts.  All of the lawyers know that because UT and the city are represented by counsel it was a blatant violation of the rules of professional conduct for Tony to make the call to Guy Bailey.  It was incredibly unprofessional for Guy Bailey to take the call.

This has just added another layer of the corruption Tony and UT are bringing to the table.

We shall see if UT finally formally dumps Tony.

They cannot be so stupid as to think that they are going to get Lincoln Park through back door deals to remove Rose Gowen as an issue from the litigation, and then get the people to give them even more money through a hospital taxing district.  This level of ignorance only exists in the mind of Tony Martinez.

But if UT wants to move forward in Brownsville they better bring Guy Bailey under control and send a clear message to Tony Martinez to butt out. 

UT is too invested in the medical school issue to pull out - they either come to us and bended knee begging forgiveness while dumping Tony Martinez and Guy Bailey, or find themselves with nothing and then having to pick up the entire tab.

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