Wednesday, April 22, 2015


At this point a large part of the community knows about the Lincoln Park mess.  The entire vote was a mess.  Tony got the commissioners to remove the legal issue of Rose Gowen's illegal vote while insuring UT gets Lincoln Park. It blows my mind how stupid this city commission really is.

The only option to save Lincoln Park at this point is to make sure Roberto Uresti wins the at large seat.  The time for those full page ads endorsing him is getting short.

Tony's and Galonsky's boys have to lose.  Cesar de Leon, Michael Gonzalez, Sergio Zarate, and Tony himself.

I will tell you, a lot of people hate Pat Ahumada.  I get shut down every time I push him.  People agree Tony has to go, but they will not vote for Pat.  The only option is a major no on Cesar de Leon, Michael Gonzalez, Sergio Zarate, while those with money start buying full page ads endorsing Roberto Uresti.

Guys, this is the only path to save Lincoln Park and the city.  Get on Board or stop complaining.

Oh, this morning I was told I can disclose it was Trey Mendez who disclosed Rose Gowen works for U.T.


Anonymous said...

Pat has a way better chance than uresti sir.

BobbyWC said...

Look, I'm voting for Uresti, Pat and Jessica. But I cannot force people to vote a certain way.

I am simply pointing out the stupidity of last nights vote on Lincoln Park and how they helped Tony and now the urgency to make sure we do not vote into office those who will continue to do the city harm.

It's a mess - the entire selection process is a mess - but all we have is - you are either for Tony and his candidates or against them.

You have to forget everything else and just vote for anti-Tony Martinez candidates.

This endless trashing of anti-Tony Martinez candidates has to end - just keep it up and watch Tony steal from us until we have nothing.

It sickens me the anti-Martinez voice cannot put the city first for one second and just stop the nonsense and trashing of one another.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Mr bobby why is the city attorney sossi so adamant about finding a solution or option as he calls it for the university,isn't it there problem where to buy land. why is the city so involved with their operations.

BobbyWC said...

As you may have heard - it was Tony who initiated the discussion. Sossi is just his mouth piece - there is more going on but I have been asked to keep it confidential for now.

This is going to be won at the polls or the courts and not by writing mindless stupid essays no one is readying and intentionally lying about what is happening behind the scenes to grab credit for one's no on reads mindless essays.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I guess you didn't see the forum yesterday. Mr. Uresti said it was the color of his skin why he has been treated like this. He is not prepared, not tech savvy, and most of all not ready to take on city hall. All he has talked about is himself every forum. Do you want someone representing the city that crys foul for any little thing? He is not political material and he will not work with the commission.

Anonymous said...

Robert's always trashing Pat, Erasmo too engaging in libel, William was out on the town telling everyone Pat had a felony(slander) and going on and in in a negative manner, he got chased out of a restaurant because the owner told him enough about Pat, what are you going to do? Brenda seems nice and we haven't heard any trash talking from her, seems like a nice lady but without a traditional campaign there is no traction. What's wrong is the candidates offer nothing and know less except for Brenda. Let's get Tony out and vote for Pat!

BobbyWC said...

And you are not getting the message - just admit it you are one of Tony's boys and will post any piece of BS you need to post to insure Tony's control.

This is about one issue and only one issue - denying Tony a majority - but for you giving Tony a majority is okay.

I watched a clip from 23 - the moderator allowed the candidates to avoid the questions - she got an F in my book. What I saw was a bunch of idiots rambling on about nonsense which had nothing to do with substance.

At least Jessica mentioned how infrastructure improvements in her district have presented BISD better.

People bitch and complain because they are lazy.

For myself and people all over Brownsville I have taught them to call the city and get on the list for potholes - if you cannot get a pothole fixed it is because you have not called the city. It never takes more than two weeks.

If Zarate knew this he would be telling people the phone number to call rather than blaming Jessica.

Just call the city - they take the work order and in two weeks they are there. When they are short of the material it may take longer - but they do come if you call. You get a work order number.

I have never had to call Jessica to get a pothole fixed. I just call the city.

But people prefer to bitch and do nothing for themselves.

Street repair is different. But people love to bitch. My street really needs to be redone - but compared to others we can wait maybe two more years - so I try and be reasonable - I know there is a limited budget - so I will wait.

But playing on people's ignorance is shameful.

People love to say they pay too much in taxes, and then demand the city does more.

I am so bored with this same old story.

But in the end it is simple -
we either get rid of Tony and his boys or we do not.

Just be hones,t you trash Uresti because he will not be one of Tony's boys - it is that simple.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

He trashed himself enough. So I don't need to do it. People have written him off as a kook. He is a good man with good intentions. But he does not need to be in a leadership role in the government. He has said felons come to him about needed a job and that he wants a program to help hire felons. What about people that haven't committed a crime? He has said that if he gets in he wants the city to fund a tower like Dallas and San Antonio has. He does not know what he is doing. Let the people know all the facts please. He is a dreamer, we need someone that is a doer. But if that's what you want then I'll let it be.

BobbyWC said...

So your solution is to never give anyone a second chance and to keep on giving the money to Tony.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

From what I have heard from Mr. Uresti wants money for his pet projects. I don't want to give someone a first chance if they don't know how to manage a 100 million dollar budget. Remember we need a doer not a talker.

BobbyWC said...

Wow, you are just pathetic - no one commissioner has power to do anything - but he does have the ability to deny Tony his majority - that is the issue and you know it - no one is buying into your con job to Tony in the majority.

You are just showing how desperate Tony is and how much he fears Uresti.

This has nothing to do with Uresti individually - it has everything to do with denying Tony his majority - it is that simple

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I guess whoever is talking dirty about Uresti and saying he only talks to himself needs major help cause if u talk to him you'll get the correct answer. Stop with this lies. I agree with bobby here.

Anonymous said...

I think i know who gonna win ... Castro ,Uresti,Perez, that rest i dont really care these are the best canidates in my opinion.....