Wednesday, April 8, 2015


He called Michael Gonzalez a coward for pulling his ad from his porn blog.  But the reality is, it is McHale who is the namby-pamby one.  He says he believes in free speech - well his made up free speech - he does not believe in the part which dates back to the founding of this country wherein it was clear you can say anything you want, but you are also accountable for what you say.

Defamation law is as old as time - the good news for Jerry is they no longer put you in prison as a form of accountability for defamation, well sort of.


The porn that McHale likens to the great art works of history he has taken down.  Why?  He is a namby-pamby coward who worships money more than his fake free speech.  Money buys and moves McHale and nothing else.


If you use the Internet to trash people who refuse to pay you, it is a federal crime.  This has now been documented.  It will be up to the feds if they wish to prosecute.  For the same conduct, albeit a bit more egregious, a man just got 18 years.  This is going to end.  Sergio Zarate can be prosecuted as a coconspirator since the defamation is being done under his dollar.  Wow Sergio, IRS problems, and now this.  Hey Sergio, why did your Bingo license expire?

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Anonymous said...

" Money buys and moves McHale and nothing else." And in order to not be painted by the same brush you will donate any future internet/blog related settlements you harass people into to charity, no doubt.
Which brings up an issue I have wondered about. You have published that you have a nice income, apparently consulting with attorneys and other earned income yet you claim a disability. Why do you need disability benefits if you have an adequate earned income? Certainly it is not a reflection of greed but what is it?. I don't mind contributing to a vets income when needed but I don't feel the need to supply everyone with a swimming pool. I would rather that portion of my contribution go to someone who needs it ... a medically needy person or a poor person or anyone else who has a need, regardless of the status as a veteran or not. I don't think you fall into this category. But I might be wrong. If I am wrong and you need a little extra, let me know. I am not wealthy put I have contributed many thousands of dollars, in addition to taxes, to needy causes and expect I'll contribute more.