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Forget for a second your desire to live in the world of the made-up Bible.  Every Christian historian, even at fake Christian universities know the facts - the Bible for the most part as we know it came about after Constantine called together Christian leaders of his time to hammer out which gospels were the true gospels and should be accepted as official.  The Old Testament as any Rabbinic Scholar will tell you is plagiarized in large measure from Sumerian texts - texts which existed long before any written Hebrew language.  The New Testament is a document of political compromise under the hand of Emperor Constantine.  Entire Gospels, some of which are still read and followed in the oldest Christian churches were left out - as not fitting the story the Bishop of Rome wanted told. 

Professor Albus Dumbledore was killed by Professor Severus Snape.  The image was Snape was working for Dumbledore's and Harry Potter's nemesis Lord Voldemort.  We were later to learn Snape was the only one Dumbledore trusted to kill him so that a final end could be brought to Lord Voldemort - but everyone believed he was the Judas of Harry Potter - and according to the Gospel of Judas he was.

For me the revelations found in the Gospel of Judas were a great find - it supported the obvious.  Judas had to have been working at the command of Joshua [aka Jesus] and not as a traitor.  As you get ready to celebrate Easter, ask yourself - would there be an Easter without Judas?  Nope.  Without the crucifixion there is no resurrection and there is no Christianity.   You can deny it all you want, but it will not change reality.

Now before those of you who hate knowledge and research let's begin with the known history of the Gospel of Judas, which paints him as Joshua's closest confident who was acting under orders from Joshua himself.

As early as 180 A.D./C.E., Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon wrote of and denounced the Gospel of Judas.  See U.Chicago; see also National Geographic All this historical reference proves is that early church leaders are documented as denouncing the Gospel of Judas, and any claim the Gospel is a modern fake is without merit.

Scholars do disagree as to the exact meaning of certain words, which of course will change how you read the Gospel of Judas.  But what no scholar can dispute is, without Judas there is no crucifixion, no resurrection and no Easter - hence no church.  This is the strongest argument in favor of the belief Judas was acting under the command of Joshua and was in fact not a traitor. 


Is the God of Joshua the same God of the Israelites?

Remember your commandments -  "“You shall have no other gods before[a] me."  You do not get to remember your Biblical teachings selectively - as the story goes after Moses came down from the mountain with the Commandments he saw many of the Israelites worshiping a golden calf.  In some form or other the Commandments were destroyed.  Scholars debate this one even in so many ways. 

The Old Testament is replete with stories of one tribe of Israel warring with another over the worshiping of different gods.  Judaism at the time of Moses and Joshua was many things, but not a monotheistic religion. 

Many scholars believe Joshua did away with the old vengeful god which so many fake Christians love to worship today.

"You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments."

Moses simply advocated for one of the many gods worshiped by the people of Israel.

The great debate concerning the Gospel of Judas revolves around this very debate of did Joshua reject the vengeful god of Moses in favor of a God of compassion.  Needless to say I reject the vengeful god of Moses which justified the killing of countless woman and children all in the name of Israel.  But then know, the vengeful god of Moses was just one of many Gods worshiped by the people of Israel.


In considering this post, instead of posting moronic comments - debate me - without Judas betraying Joshua would there have been a resurrection or restated a Church?  Would it not have been the ultimate act of pure faith for Judas to have acted on Joshua's command so as to show God's children, through the resurrection of his son, salvation is real.  Without the resurrection, would we even have a church?  The question is not complex.  But it will scare people.

You know, you can believe the alternative view of Judas and still have your faith - in fact I would submit the Parable of Judas is in fact a parable of pure faith and personal sacrifice on the level of the Parable of JOB. 

The scholars for centuries to come will debate the meaning of each letter in the text, and the meaning in context of each word.  We have no way of knowing the exact truth.  But we know this, Easter Sunday would not exist had Joshua not been crucified and risen through the resurrection - and without Judas none of this would have happened,


BobbyWC said...

Since I never said what you are saying I am saying, your comment is rejected - go play your distraction game on the pay to play blog or porn blog - I'm sure as a good fake Christian you will be at home on those blogs.

Bottom line - there can be no resurrection without first the passing of Joshua - how you get around that is beyond me - I never said someone else could not have betrayed him later - my focus is simply looking at the words in the gospel of Judas and comparing them to the reality of the resurrection.

It is something to ponder - nothing more nothing less - but the fact it compels a fake Christian like you to go hostile over the idea of pondering something tells me you have no faith.

The message of Joshua remains the same with or without the resurrection - those with true faith do not look to the resurrection - they look to his words.

His words are verified through his faith in his Father - to go to the cross knowing he would be resurrected - and that my friend for better or worse was made possible with the help of Judas -

By going to the cross Joshua verified his faith in his Father

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The logic is sound, if not circular. We could carry it back further to "if there was no serpent, there was no need of Judas" and if God made both, what need was being fulfilled? Thing like this pose interesting arguments among Jesuits an Talmudic scholars, but in the end answer no questions.

BobbyWC said...

hence the word ponder.

But in the end, if one is to belief the Gospel of Judas as interpreted by those who see him closest to Joshua [remember not everyone agrees on the interpretation] does it not mean that Joshua so trusted in his Father to resurrect him [meaning faith]that he willingly went to the cross to prove his faith in his father. So in the end the Gospel of Judas becomes somewhat secondary to Joshua's expression of faith - you can see Judas as someone who betrayed Joshua [who may have eventually been put to the cross anyway,] or you may see Judas as Joshua's closest disciple who expressed his absolute Faith by carrying out a request he - Judas - knew would condemn him in the eyes of humanity. Would not accepting wrongful judgment by his fellow disciples be an act of incredible faith and love in Joshua?

It is just something to ponder.

Why?, because maybe the Parable is about showing you faith in Joshua even if it means being judged wrongfully.

Saying you love Joshua is easy - living his message could mean a life of eternal judgment by those who are too weak to live the message and take the easy path of saying "I love Jesus." and leave it at that.

Thanks for adding to the discussion.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not or believe in the resurrection or not, may your Sunday be as beautiful as Joshua's love for mankind.

Bobby WC