Monday, April 27, 2015

One last word on how the fake Knights of Columbus member turned their charity event into a circus for his own personal gain.
Last night someone noted a very obvious lie Zarate made in his bought conspiracy article with the drunk over me being polite and saying hello to my city commissioner.
I missed the lie - but it proves an important point - if Zarate is in fact a member in good standing with the Knights of Columbus he clearly never participates in any events or even knows his fellow members.
I am a strong supporter of the Knights of Columbus.  Over several years of attending bingo and going to their brisket fundraisers I have gotten to know a lot of them.  I have family members who are members.  The regular volunteers are good Catholics giving of themselves all of the time to raise money for charity.  Most know me by name.
I have told the story many times, that it pains me that because I AM NOT A CATHOLIC I was not able to become a Jesuit Priest.  My loyalty to the Jesuit Priest Brotherhood is solid.  The key is I am not a Catholic.  You must be a Catholic to be a member of the Knights of Columbus.
"Wightman, who has made it a full-time campaign to go after her opponent, just happens to be a member of the Knights of Columbus."
You see Sergio Zarate sent the picture with payment to trash Tetreau for speaking with me.  Juanito the drunk is mad that I forced certain elected officials to start defending themselves.  For Juanito it is unacceptable for a woman to defend herself.  I have not posted one defense of any the three women I said I would no longer defend against the lies. What I did was force them to stand up for themselves and Juanito is shaking because he knows when it comes to one on one with woman there is a good chance he will be arrested for assault.  He does not like they are now defending themselves.
But the idea that me saying hello to my city commission means I am defending her is all Juanito and Sergio have - being civil to your city commissioner is now a crime.
I am certain the Lucios are besides themselves with the stupidity shown by Zarate at every turn.  But I will not call the election.  This election remains any one's guess.  I have not hidden the fact I have called on my readers to vote for Jessica, Rick, Uresti and Pat.
But just to set the record straight - if Sergio Zarate were an active member of the Knights of Columbus, which he is not, he would have known he was lying when he said I am a member.  I go to a lot of their events.  Sunday's event is the first time I have ever seen Sergio Zarate at any Knights of Columbus event.  He may be a member in good standing, but he is never there to volunteer.  He does not even know you must be a Catholic to be a member of the Knights of Columbus.

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