Friday, April 3, 2015


Many parents and kids prefer the bucket because afterwards you can use it for markers, crayons, cars, soldiers - etc

They are 98 cents at Walmart and made in the U.S. 

My long term readers know I do not do candy.  Bela has an 11 month old brother, so I have to do two buckets.  Her brother's has trucks on it. and Bela's flowers.

The Graduate yogart melts are an excellent alternative to candy.  Bela is getting strawberry and Benny is getting Banana.  They are both getting Pepperidge Farm Goldfish.  They are both getting sport drink bottles.  One is an orange tiger and the other is a pink hippo. They are both getting bubbles.  Benny is too young for bubbles, but he laughs when Bela blows them at him.  Benny is just learning to throw balls so he is getting a three pack of balls, and a rubber ducky.  Remember at 11 months I have to worry about him swallowing parts.

Bela is also getting a Springtime coloring book with more crayons.  She is also getting an Easter puzzle.  Finally, Bela is ready for her first illustrated children's Bible. 

They will both love their buckets - you do not have to feed your kids and grandkids candy.  There are alternatives.

Oh, I forgot, I will put a bag of strawberries in each bucket.

Bela can only read books with a few words.  But she still likes to pretend read based on pictures. Benny loves when she reads to him.  I know Bela, she will open her illustrated Bible and pretend read it to Benny.  I think she will begin with Noah's Ark.

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