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I get really mad at these veterans who think because they have a building called a hospital they will get better care.  They are wrong - very wrong.  First a VA hospital means money Congress allots for veterans in part goes to fund the state medical schools.  This is why even the Republicans are part of the con job.  Second, it means treatment by doctors in training.  They do not tell you, but you have the right to refuse treatment by a doctor in training.  I have had occasions wherein the attending will tell me I have no choice which then ends up both of us in the Chief of Staff's office.  I win every time, but then I have a hostile doctor. I am 100% opposed to a VA hospital.

This was my fourth surgery to try and fix my nasal and sinus passages.  In the past it had always been done by a Fellow [a specialist in training].  They are afraid and inexperienced.  But this is what you get when you get a VA hospital - the doctors in training from the medical school. 

My surgeon yesterday is highly trained.  For the first time he did a full reconstructive surgery of all the sinus cavities and nasal passage.  Yesterday was hard on me.  But the packing is now out, and I can breathe.  I have not had to take one pain killer.  I do have two weeks of limitations - but that is fine.  I am certain this one will be my last.  I was amazed when they told me this morning how much work he did.


In the short post I did this morning I failed to mention Pat Ahumada for his work in doing the proper appraisal.  It was not intended.  I just had my ride waiting and I had to go.  But the one person who had virtually nothing to do with the alleged change of position in terms of Lincoln Park was Erasmo Castro.  His post on the issue is an outright lie.  In typical Castro form he takes the credit for everyone else's work and then fails to mention the people who did the actual work.


In addition to not mentioning his opponent, Pat Ahumada for his key appraisal work, he failed to mention

First, Valley Interfaith took the lead.

Second, Michael Cowen working with myself and many others took the lead to file the lawsuit.  We exposed the reality that Gowen's vote is void, because she is accepting a wage from UT and the city of Brownsville.  There is another name I would love to mention, but to date he has not given me permission to mention his name.  The night before the lawsuit was filed he sent me the connection between Rose Gowen and UT.  I did a lot of quick research and verification and sent it to Michael Cowen and it was added to the lawsuit at the last minute.  If I remember correctly Michael was up to some 3 in the morning preparing the lawsuit and documents.  But you would not know any of this from Castro.  He and his organization were just faces in the crowd doing nothing.

There are also a lot of other unnamed people who lobbied the UT Board of Regents.  They felt humiliated, once they learned the truth. Also, the BV submitted to various national and state new services the story wherein UT was humiliated nationally.

If after the election the city announces that there is no other land to sell to UT and Lincoln Park is back on the agenda.  It could just be a stunt to help Martinez and Galonsky's candidates.


I am not using, Sergio Zarate's picture because all of the documents are unsigned.  They are only filed by DownbytheBorder.  But we all know Dolores and Sergio Zarate are the faces behind DownbytheBorder.


The law is clear - if it can be shown that DownbytheBorder submitted any false tax returns, limitations is waived and the state can still pursue both civil and criminal prosecution against those involved including the board members.

A reminder, the IRS has already opened an investigation.  The Texas Comptrollers office told me through an open records request that DownbytheBorder has never paid them a penny.  Their IRS tax returns show otherwise - hence the investigation.  I just sent them the documents I am about to post.

A source told me to do an open records request with the Texas Lottery Commission which oversees Bingo Licenses.  I learned they own Texas $26,555.97, in taxes DownbytheBorder collected from winners at Bingo, but never paid over to the Comptrollers Office.  This includes interest and penalties.

I am sending a formal request for a civil and criminal investigation to the Texas Comptrollers officer.   Because of the alleged fraudulent tax return the normal limitations period do not apply.  I will include my evidence that for Charles Isbell, the Texas Lottery Commissioners ignored their own staff's recommendations to pull his Bingo license - he operates International Bingo on Price.  I can prove the commissioners refused to act after the Lucio's intervened.  Now we have these documents which show DownbytheBorder did not pay the Texas Comptrollers office, and what did the Texas Lottery Commission do?  Nothing.  The evidence shows the Lucios once again were working with the Zarates during this same time period.

I am sending everything to the DOJ/FBI in Austin for investigation.  It is clear the Commissioners on the Texas Lottery Commission are doing political favors at the expense of the taxpayers for the friends of the Lucios.  It is time the Sucio Lucios are held accountable, along with their friends.


I have more than two pages to upload, but I will explain the first and then you will be able to follow the rest.  I will then post the IRS investigation letter and the 2010, Tax return which is key.
Line 6a tells the filer to add up lines 3a through 5a.  You will see this was not done.  13a then tells the filer to add up lines 6a through 12a for the total sum due payable to the State Comptrollers office.  See box on bottom left.  You will notice no number was entered in box 13a.  You will see the same pattern in each quarterly filing.  Why did the Texas Lottery Commission take no action.  Well we know for sure they have stopped action against the friends and associates of the Lucios in the past.
"March 22, 2006 Bingo operations tied to Brownsvilles Isbell family have renewed licenses after the Texas Lottery Commission recently turned down its staffs recommendation to revoke permits for eight nonprofit lodges, some run by the family.
Instead, the near five-year dispute between the Isbells, lodges and Lottery Commission staff who claimed the lodges wrongfully disbursed roughly $47,000 in bingo proceeds to non-charitable purposes came to an abrupt end Feb. 27.
... .
We thought a retreat would be great for the community, he said, noting that several nonprofit groups and Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. had been a guest at the retreat.
Lucio is among the legislators inside the Isbells circle who calls the family friends.
Kevin Isbell recently co-signed a $30,000 loan for the state House campaign of the senators son, Eddie Lucio III. The loan came from the International Bank of Commerce in October and was guaranteed by Isbell and Lucio IIIs campaign manager Ruben M. Torres Jr."

Click for a 2011 article tying the Lucios and Charles Isbell to more bingo problems.

The Zarates are very close friends to the Lucios.






The Texas Comptroller's Office specifically told me in writing and over the phone, they have zero record of DownbytheBorder ever paying them a penny.  DBTB's own Bingo Audit form shows nothing due for 2010, but their tax return from 2010, show money paid.  Maybe it was for something other than Bingo.

But remember the Bingo money is not a tax on DBTB, but on the winner.  They were merely collecting a tax the winner owned the state.

Under Texas law if it can be shown DBTB filed a fraudulent tax return limitations does not apply to both civil and criminal penalties which could include each and every Board Member. 

Oh, I have more - but I have a lot to do.  And other stories to get to.

The local news media has declared this story not newsworthy.  One local executive was angry with me after the last time I made this statement and assured me the story would run - well it has not.  So there you have it, The Herald, Valley Central and NBC 23 all working to keep the corruption covered-up.


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Awe the Sucio Lucios in all their glory doing what they do best...steal.