Tuesday, April 7, 2015


There is no service which can reliably state readership to any given web site.  All I have to do to get a higher rating is click on my blog a million times and I will get a higher rating.  Google is designed to deceive the advertisers for purposes of profit.

Of note, if you click on the links I provide the one blog basically no one is searching for is, the Brownsville Voice - you know why? Because everyone knows how to get to the BV without having to search for it every day.   Also if you believe the numbers the BV is the number one actually read blog in Brownsville

But what information is available which is measurable to the extent they are actually looking at the pages is how long people actually spend reading any given blog on any given day - and the winner is hands down The Brownsville Voice - people peruse Juanito for the days comic's and then move on - the same for Barton, but what the numbers show is the people are actually reading the Brownsville Voice and not just reading its headlines. 

If Axema is credible the Brownsville Voice is the number one actually read blog in the area - hands down.  Having said that I do not find any credibility in any of the Axema type companies because I know how they work.  Given they are saying the BV is the number one actually read blog, I have no incentive to trash them - but I have said too many times you cannot trust these companies and I am not going to change my opinion because they rank the BV as the number 1 actually read blog in Brownsville.


411,603 U.S. Ranking; Daily Time on site 7:35

The following statement from Paz Martinez is false.  If you go to the link I included it states they follow me.  I have never heard of them until today.

"In Blogger Wightman's data, we found he follows a website listed as DebiStangeland.com, a website offering advise on how to improve your Blog's content and your blog's traffic"


Montoya's Blog

408,840  U.S. Ranking; Daily time on site 2:27


Barton's blog

874,471   U.S. Ranking; Daily time on site 3:02


Clicking on a web page for a headline is not the same as actually reading it for knowledge.  If these numbers are accurate, and I do not trust them because I know better, the BV in terms of actual reading time is the number 1 read blog in Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

On a quick request Bobby, do you have the Discrimination Suit of those 28 some women against BISD. Is that posted anywhere? How can the readers get a copy. You have posted other docs.

BobbyWC said...

have they actually sued? If so I need to know the names of at least two. If it is in federal court I can find it pretty fast on Pacer and upload it to docstoc

Bobby WC