Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I am off back to bed.  Buster woke me to go out.  This song has a double meaning - one it is beautiful - two - when I do get up I will be going to the BPD and BISD to retrieve a lot of Open Records documents.  They may, I do not know, show the clowns have already appeared.

The BV is working on a story of the laundering of campaign money.  There is no question Sergio Zarate is a Tony Martinez puppet. So the question is, how much is Tony Martinez paying McHale and Juanito to run cover for Zarate on the missing money at DownbytheBorder.  Both of these con artists have sold Brownsville down the river for chump change from Tony Martinez.  The story will break.

There is more to come.  Former volunteers have told the BV that they left DownbytheBorder out of fear of going to jail.  Open Records requests have been made to try and verify their claims.  Vendors and now former volunteers are coming forward.  Because of the amount of money Tony Martinez is directing towards Zarate so he can gift Lincoln Park to UT, you can be assured the attacks and distractions will continue from McHale and Juanito.  It did not take much for Tony Martinez to buy these two extortionists.


This turkey knows if he answers questions he will be sunk.  I used the word lemministc yesterday clearly stating it is a new word.  So Gerardo proving he needs a distraction, makes an issue that he cannot find this word I call new in the dictionary - here is a news flash for you Gerardo - if it is new because I am making it up, it will not be in the dictionary.

Harvard University has produced more high profile lawyers who have been indicted and gone to federal prison than any other law school.  These big name schools are like designer jeans - you pay for the name because you can.  You see it is Gerardo's arrogant position because he went to MIT he must not be an idiot.  Again proving he is not smart enough to even use a dictionary.

You see according to Gerardo he is not a stupid person because he went to MIT - so we should ignore the fact as an engineer he cannot even build a working web page - we should ignore the fact he knows so little about modern campaigns that all he has to offer is the same old trite promises every other politician before him has used.  He is not even smart enough to come up with an original set of con artist promises.

To help you out Gerardo - language evolves - new words come into existence as needed.  The dictionaries pick them up if they catch on.  If you want to know what lemministic means you must begin with the word lemming.  The "istic" when combined with lemming would mean "of or pertaining to a lemming."  So you see Gerardo you are an idiot - you lack the skills to intuit and comprehend new word formation.  I get $250, an hour to teach the meaning and application of etymology.   Boy, let me know when you are ready to be educated in something other than bogus designer jeans.  Intelligence comes from what you have learned, not where you learned it.

You are an arrogant prick to claim being an MIT graduate makes you special.  It shows you know no humility.  Some of the most brilliant computer genius in the world went to MIT and dropped out because they were bored by peers of such limit intellect as your own.  I can program a computer to do higher level math than you will ever be able to do.  I cannot program it to be smart. 

You need to learn the subtlety of language before you start throwing out moronic statements based on lies.  I clearly said I was making up the word  - so you knew it was not in the dictionary.  But you lied, because you have nothing of integrity to offer the people of Brownsville.

Now how about answering the  questions.

Where do you stand on Lincoln Park?

Where do you stand on Tenaska?

Where do you stand on the weir dam?

Where do you stand on extraterritorial jurisdiction?

We will wait with bated breath for your answers - not.


Anonymous said...

You are an arrogant prick to claim being an MIT graduate makes you special. It shows you know no humility.

Settle down blimp, you always mention that you have a masters in this and a masters in about an arrogant prick! Your picture is next to arrogant prick in the dictionary.

BobbyWC said...

I have never said my education has entitled me to the presumption of intelligence. What I know comes from my brain and how I use it, and not the fact I have a formal education or where I went to school.

That is the difference between myself and Gerardo

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

BWC knows how to run and keep an informative blog going.