Sunday, April 26, 2015

I debated whether I wanted to post this.  But then I got two very insulting comments I rejected and decided to go with it.  Zarate is posting comments suggesting that when I went into the Hall everyone was nice and embracing to me because they are fake lying back stabbing people.  That the reality is when I left they started to laugh I even showed. 
First, Sergio Zarate may think the Knights of Columbus are like this, but I do not.  I know them better.  The regular volunteers are some of Brownsville's finest.  I will not say who but one of the women commented to me that the women are cooking for bingo this month and I should go on Monday.  I'm not getting in the middle of that one - who cooks better - the men or the women.
One man in the Hall dated an older sister of mine back in the early 40's, and by chance later married the cousin of my ex.  I actually had family in the Hall.  This is just Zarate being desperate and in the process insulting some of Brownsville's best and most honorable volunteers.
As to the trained monkey taking the picture and turning a charity event into a circus at Sergio's request - email me - we will meet for lunch.  I will show you the IRS documents, the Comptroller's documents, and the Texas Lottery Commission documents, and then you can tell me exactly how it is you have no problem supporting Sergio Zarate.
Also as a woman do tell me how you feel about Sergio paying a convicted drunk to post your picture who also happens to be the same convicted drunk who trashed Sergio's wife.  Does such conduct make Sergio seem more manly to you?
email me - and we will meet - I would love to see your face when you see the  documents and try and explain them away.
And not that my opinion matters - but I think it is child abuse for Dolores to take her special needs child with her door to door campaigning for Sergio.  Children are not pawns - especially God's special angles .  I personally interviewed a woman who had Dolores knock on her door.  Children - even children with no different needs should not be dragged door to door as pawns for their parent's political campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Calling a woman a "monkey" doesn't sound very respectful. You will be lucky if she hasn't received your message of empowerment and doesn't defend herself. You know, taking a photo of you doesn't turn an event into a circus. You are not the center of the world or even the center the K of C. Unless you made a big deal out of it and created a scene. Did you?
Also, though someone dated your sister that doesn't make them your relative but even if it did, so what? Why would having a relative there increase your standing? Please don't act so desperate. You can get help.

BobbyWC said...

I gave the woman my email - I would love nothing more than to post her name with the documents from the IRS, Texas Comptrollers Office, and the Texas Lottery Commission asking why she is defending all of this conduct? She will be empowered to look stupid.

Further, I never said the person my sister dated is a relative. I have family members who volunteer as Knights of Columbus at these events.

My point was, I had people in the Hall who were able to verify Zarate's claim they laughed at me when I left was false.

All of the candidates were being professional. It was only Zarate who chose to start taking pictures and then turn them over to a drunk who previously trashed Zarate's wife. The picture was posted with lies.

You think that is not a circus?

Jessica made light of the entire thing by taking a picture of Zarate's campaign worker. Her picture appears because she made the decision to play the dirty politics game of picture with lies, not me, not Jessica

But nice try - got some more lies any fool can see through?

Your implication I made a scene is just Zarate being desperate - there were easily 25 or more witnesses. Try that lie and see how far it goes

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

While I appreciate your comment, I do not believe person's appearance goes to the weight of any argument.

I am waiting on two surgeries which should help me lose 100 pounds. It has now been medically proven my weight has nothing to do with my diet or a lack of exercise.

But even if it did, my character has nothing to do with my appearance.

This woman is not an informed voter. If she was she would not be with Zarate - but she showed a major character flaw when she chose to be party to the taking of the picture and that is the issue.

She could have claimed ignorance about the problems with DownbytheBorder, but when she took the picture to create a bogus issue she told everyone she is of low character.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

The only way to defend against your defense of Dolores campaigning with her daughter is for me to discuss things told to me by Sergio - that I will not - this child's needs are private - I would rather take a hit than discuss her private health issues

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Go play your games on the drunk's page. I could see Sergio sending this woman over to take our picture. he thought it was funny. I do not think he thinks it is so funny now. He knew what he was doing.

You know what I love most about people like you - instead of allowing the story to die - which it will in 24 hours you will keep it going with attempts at distractions.

I suspect 75% or more of the people have made up their mind already. As to those who read the blogs it is probably 95% - short of some real major revelation on the blogs - this election is basically already decided - we are just waiting for the numbers.

We all know who is funded by Tony and Galonsky. You are either voting for Tony's team - which is fine with me because it is your right or you are voting against his team.

Ben Neece got Galonsky to give money TO Cesar de Leon and Michael Gonzalez - if you are happy with Galonsky's business dealings with the city then those are your boys. If you are not then they are not your boys.

It is really that simple at this point.

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Go play the distraction game else where. How about addressing the issue. All of the candidates were acting professional. Only Zarate chose to play the game of taking a photo and making an issue where no issue existed. Yea, im sure that issue does not intetest you.

Bobby WC