Thursday, April 2, 2015

I was already committed to buying Bela her Easter dress and shoes so I could not attend the candidate forum last night.  But a reliable source sent me the following;

"I just wanted to let you know how big of a disappointed Ricardo Longoria was. I couldn't take it anymore this guy has to go. All he could do is pass the blame on every other entity except for himself. He blamed TXDOT, Cameron County, CCRMA,

and PUB as to why he has failed Southmost the last 12 years. He has no balls and I don't want him to even try to represent Southmost anymore. I may not be from there but the people of district one need someone else. He has failed them time after time. I'm not supporting anyone else, but he needs to go."


He is a liar. He says he pays pornographer McHale to post pornography and trash friends like Jessica Tetreau because he and Jerry have been long term friends.  This is a character flaw and if you cannot see it you should not vote. 

Rick Longoria has no problem with a pornographer trashing his female friends with lies.  Rick actually takes pride in paying this guy to sexualize and defame his so called friend Jessica Tetreau.  If anyone has the FB page or email for his girl friend I would like to know if she has been in long term abuse counselling.  I cannot imagine any emotionally stable woman finding Rick Longoria's conduct towards Jessica Tetreau acceptable. 


In the district 1 race I am telling people to just not vote.  On balance I have no problem with Paz-Martinez's rating of the candidates.

As to Michael Gonzalez, Paz-Martinez is just settling a score with McHale and this is not journalism. Michael Gonzalez did not pull his ad because it was the morally right thing to do, but for purposes of political expediency.  This is evidence of a character flaw.

He never answered mine or Paz Martinez's question directly about if he would pull his ad from McHale's porn page.  All he said is it is being addressed.  When I pushed him for a direct answer he said "no comment."  And this was after McHale was already trashing him for pulling the ad.  As to answering direct questions about anything Michael Gonzalez always says they same thing - he will only speak through press releases.  Any real journalist would denounce Michael Gonzalez for such conduct instead of praising him.  But the review was not based on facts or Michael Gonzalez's character - but on a need to punish McHale - that is not journalism - it is called settling a score.


 I do not know if Paz-Martinez has reached out to Belleperche.  I have been very busy with my health and other matters and just got around to it.  He had no problem speaking with me and we are following up on a more detailed interview.  I will ask pointed questions and not soft ball questions.  It will be in two parts -his words as to what he sees as important and then my questions.


Further, the claim Paz - Martinez has not communicated with me is a lie.  I will not allow the BV to be brought into his lies.  This childish tit for tat between Paz and McHale is their deal not mine. 

"Posting this as a comment on your Blog would only have ended-up on Mchale's blog. I'm freezing him. Without taking stiff of my blog, he is relegated to inventing that silliness he passes for writing. I'll be back on it on Monday. His wife finally told me she was prohibited from talking about their marriage. I am okay with that, but wonder what you found as the reason for the filing of the divorce. I take it Claudia is the one who filed.

If you have the document, email it to me if possible.
I need to get to Brownsville again and do my own research. Some ANONY sent me a note saying Jerry's college degree is something i should look at. Have you ever heard anything about that?

Anyway, it's a good-looking day out there.
Further, Paz-Martinez manipulates the clock on his blog.  He is so stupid.  You will see comments posted by date and time, before the date and time marked for when he posted his comment.
On this lemministic issue, I posted my explanation before Paz-Martinez posted anything on it.  Knowing him it would not surprise me if all of the comments on the internet are his.  It is all one big con people.
He attacks Gerardo Martinez for stealing his questions and not initially giving Paz-Martinez credit for the questions.  What Paz-Martinez does not do is note many of his questions were those I already posed to Gerardo Martinez and he refused to answer.  This is well documented on my blog.  So Paz, how about giving me credit for guiding you with the proper questions?  The entire thing was stupid and only proves Paz-Martinez's narcissism.
Gerardo Martinez's answers to the questions were non-answers - he walked the fence on Lincoln Park but tends to support its sale.  He walked the fence on Tenaska but then says the people should be heard.  What does any of this mean?  That is the story, not who wrote the questions.
The sad part about Paz-Martinez is, when he is not angry, lying, or in need of settling a score his prose is beautiful.  South Texas has a million stories which in the right hands can be published into a book of short vignettes which would sell.  Paz-Martinez certainly has the skill in terms of his prose to successfully publish such a book.  But he never will - he cannot get over his need to lie and trash.  This is sad because the LRGV needs an author with his skill of prose to write these vignettes.
The stories which can be told during the river boat days, would bring people back to the prose of Mark Twain.  The pictures he could paint.  He does have the ability to romanticize the days gone by of LRGV.  The first trips by the Spaniards up the Rio Grande.  The great days when sports at UT Pan American meant something. 
There is so much he can write about which would sell, but what ever it is which forces him to lie and trash people for no apparent reason, keeps him from being the accomplished author he could be.


Anonymous said...

" . . . many of his questions were those I already posed to Gerardo Martinez and he refused to answer. This is well documented on my blog. So Paz, how about giving me credit for guiding you with the proper questions?"

Paz-Martinez has posted this to your comment.

'...The questions I submitted to Gerardo Martinez were my own. He published them on his campaign website word-for-word. I stand by that, and if anyone is accusing me of stealing them, well show me the proof. Look at the questions. I posted them in the story..."
Duardo Paz-MartinezApril 2, 2015 at 3:25 PM

/DP-M said...

These are the questions I asked Gerardo Martinez, the ones he took, answered and then posted to his campaign website. I looked on your Blog, but could not find where you had asked him any questions, other than in paraphrase. Would you place them side-by-side. Surely, you do not believe I need to "steal" anything from another Blog, do you? It is absurd, and you know it...


/DP-M said...

You write "knowing him it would not surprise me if" all of his comments are his.. Well, we've never met! You simply do not know me, as I really do not know you. And, no, the comments on my Blog are not all mine. I reply to comments often, however. I am sure you can see that. Love the obligatory back-handed compliment about my writing. I wish I could say the same thing about yours. Joke there, lad...

BobbyWC said...

Because of your anger Duardy you can never see the story - it was not about who wrote the questions, it was about the lack of real answers - you missed the story.

But for the record - On April 1, before your story from the BV

Now how about answering the questions.

Where do you stand on Lincoln Park?

Where do you stand on Tenaska?

Where do you stand on the weir dam?

Where do you stand on extraterritorial jurisdiction?

We will wait with bated breath for your answers - not.

I did not say all of your questions I said some - but that was not the point - the point is you got petty and missed the story - he never really provides any clear answers - that is the story - and I am certain your former editors gave you the same lecture a 1000 times.

Further, my complement on your writing was not back handed - I am sure I am telling you something you have heard many times- if you would just stop the nonsense you could be a successful author - I have said many times your prose is very good - but you never want to listen - I am telling you try writing something creative about the river boat days and watch how people praise you.

I do not doubt you could successfully publish a book on the LRGV weaving tales concerning the time frames I mentioned - but you never will because you are obsessed with settling scores, lies, and disinformation.

Again the point was - while you were crying like a baby over who wrote the questions you missed the story - he provided no real answers just BS.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea what question you are talking about. Everyone has access to me at all times. I have reached out to him through FB and his supporters - he is not talking - so you are a liar

I ran into him twice and he answered my questions - posted what he said.

Go play your games on the porn blog because they are not going to fly here

Bobby WC