Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Juanito approved a comment stating there is no proof Mike Gonzalez opposes the Safe House at the Central Library. Well I guess the above Press Release by Mike Gonzalez is fabricated.

I have never defended any one's vote on Tenaska. What I have said is without a policy to increase electricity capacity we will not draw new business to Brownsville. Without major manufacturing we will never raise wages. It is that simple.

 Now if you want to believe a major manufacturing company will relocate to Brownsville even though we cannot support their needs for electricity, then I have a $21.4 million dollar bridge to sell you owned by the Port of Brownsville.

The BV was the first blog to come out against United Brownsville. The idea I support them is absurd. During the initial stages I published a story how the citizen groups were a farce and we were brought in to just rubber stamp the decisions which had already been made. I went to one meeting and never returned. I was not going to be party to the scam. So to a statement everything in the approved comment is false. But since Juanito is not know for factual stories, what else could he publish but lies.

Who believes Abraham Galonsky gave Michael Gonzales $1,500, and does not expect anything in return?  You cannot be that stupid.


I said, Juanito attacks Longoria for his vote on Tenaska - fine - but my question was and remains, what is Michael Gonzalez's position on Tenaska?  We do not know.  He will not answer questions.  He does not want us to know.  Why?  If it is not in one of his controlled press releases we will never know.

So for the crime of printing the truth, Michael Gonzalez does not support the Safe House in Southmost Library, and he has not stated a position on Tenaska I am accused of being bought and paid for by Rick Longoria.  Everyone out there knows, I do not accept money.  Even when Sergio Zarate tried to pay for my meal when his wife was running against Judge Gonzales he knows I would not even allow him to leave any part of my tip.  The BV takes nothing. 

So do tell us Juanito, is Michael Gonzalez wrong for not wanting the Safe House at the library?  Do tell us Juanito - what is Michael Gonzalez's position on Tenaska - before people vote against Rick Longoria for supporting the deal, do the people not have a right to know Michael Gonzalez's position on the issue?

Finally on the issue of transparency and Tenaska, I have repeatedly given the BPUB an "F" for its lack of transparency.

But when you have no story you just go with fiction.  - Poor Juanito - how the truth always eludes him.


Anonymous said...

You skied for money for the villalobos trial, liar! You do take money.

BobbyWC said...

Unlike the reporters whose coverage came nowhere near mine and who are paid and who had their technology provided to them free, I had to pay the $300 plus for the mobile internet to cover the trial. It was an expense - there were days I surpassed 10,000 readers - it was a major service to Brownsville.

Every day Villalobos and AUSA Surovic thanked me for my work - which tells me I was fair and objective.

I kept my promise of no comments on the evidence until after a verdict.

I never hid the fact I took money for the technology. I personally benefitted not one bit. I got stuck with a two year contract I did not want or need.

So yes, I allowed two people to defer the cost of the technology and that is it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby ,don't bother responding to those fools that are always nitpicking details......it's not the same as getting paid for a hack story and they know it . Lots of people appreciate what you do and what you report on....thanks!