Monday, April 6, 2015


It is not always a mistake to get the people to vote into the run-off a weak candidate so the person you really want to win. wins in the run-off.  In this case, Paz-Martinez is spot on.  The anti-Tony Martinez movement is strong, but if his run-off opponent is a complete idiot, Tony will win in the end.

Galonsky is controlling who can and cannot put signs on what is de facto Brownsville's town square during election time.  Robert Sanchez's sign is there with the full support of Galonsky who has manipulated deals in the millions to the detriment of Brownsville.

The next campaign finance reports are due Friday - I doubt an open records request on Friday will garner me the reports.  I will try and go near closing time and pay for Sanchez's report.  Otherwise the best I can do is Monday.  I am working on a financial picture of Sanchez.  Something is profoundly wrong.  As to my lawsuit, he can file bankruptcy, but under the rules the stay is lifted because his homeowners and business insurance will be liable for any damages meaning my case is not discharged in the bankruptcy. [Now after the many past lawsuits, it is possible his homeowners insurance now has an exclusion for defamation - mine does - I made sure it was put into the policy]

In fact a bankruptcy will get the insurance companies to pay faster because the cost to them of being brought into a long term bankruptcy proceeding over having to represent him will be greater than the cost of settlement.


Cris Valadez who was caught not paying for his electricity while on the BPUB Board - he blamed his wife who pays the bills - what a man, and Brownsville's own sickest mind McHale whose pornography in some states has been ruled not protected by the First Amendment.

Let's not forget Sanchez's position on our libraries last time around - we do not need them - they are a waste of taxpayer money.  Below is a graphic which says it best.

Yes, I think Paz Martinez is spot on - Tony Martinez and Galonsky are behind the Robert Sanchez campaign.  They want him in the run-off because Tony Martinez fears Pat Ahumada - Pat is the ultimate Teflon politician.  Pat's problem is not necessarily his ideas  although he was dead wrong on Fly Frontera - it happens - get over it - he just does not understand the social game..  The BV has kept its promise to keep  Pat's checkered past out of this campaign - but his personality is fair game.  I have no idea if he can beat Tony Martinez - but I do believe he has a better chance of beating Tony Martinez than Robert Sanchez does. 


Anonymous said...

If Capt Bob cannot pay his property taxes, and has closed 2 restaurants in the last 6 months,who is giving him the money to run? He said it himself at the southmost forum "i have no money, i use to, but not anymore". Is it clean or dirty money? Is it from someone who has a special interest or wants to hurt our city by undermining the electoral process to elect Tony Mtz?

Is the donor the actual person who will be listed in the campaign report or is it someone who will be the front person for the real donor?

These are very serious and legitimate questions the voters have a right to know, because Capt Bob will be committing a criminal act if he fails to be truthful in his reporting and will risk serious consequences. The truth has a way of being brought to light and it will be a matter of time that the truth will be known as to who is giving Bob the money and why. Capt Bob has gone on record to say that it is a serious donor, not donors, but the FBI should be called in to investigate Bob and his contributors if he is not transparent and honest in reporting the money. For someone with financial problems and troubled finances, he is spending way too much on his campaign.

BobbyWC said...

I think he is lying about his financial situation.

But I can assure you the Texas AG sees the laundering of campaign money as a serious problem. I know how to read and dissect the report. If there is evidence of fraud I will find it and report it to the section of the Texas AG's office which handles the laundering of campaign finance money.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I'll take a person I do not get along with but who will run the city better than the other candidates, will be involved and has ideas than the go with the flow, only looking to better themselves approach. I live down the street from Pat, I am by in means his buddy but he has lived in that house for over 30 years. If he was like the rest he would've ended up n a more affluent side of town, serving twice as mayor. I really do not think he us in it for the wrong reasons. His problem is he doesn't know how to smile and go along with BS projects like United Brownsville.

Anonymous said...

Bobby please continue to expose sanchez for who he really is...the city cannot afford to have him as mayor- he is trying to portray himself as a decent, family man, which he is not..he is crazy and has to have many special interests...he is spending thousands and thousands on ads and signs and i fear people might buy into his bullshit

Anonymous said...

Bobby it is apparent that Juan Montoya too has sold himself to Robert Sanchez..he will not post legitimate questions regarding anything negative on Robert Sanchez. He is also a coward, and it is sad and disgusting to see him being endorsed by a porn blog, and now a low life "drunk".
Juan montoya has no integrity and is clearly not in it for the truth..he is in it for the money, and he is known to sell himself-and cheap