Tuesday, April 28, 2015


My position on this election remains the same - we must take down Tony.  This has been my position and it has not changed.  I am getting an earful from so many people as to why they will absolutely not vote this time around.  They represent a third group I have alluded to.

Under normal circumstances, if taking down Tony were not so important, I would shred to pieces this mailer by Pat - the mailer in part is why so many people are saying no - "there are no qualified candidates running for any position so I am not voting."
Well my dear friends in this election this is all the more reason you need to vote Pat, Jessica, Rick, and Uresti.  If we take down Tony and his candidates, it will send a message to prospective candidates for the 2016 races, that new faces can emerge and beat the establishment and machines. 

This is what everyone wants.

Yes our choices are horrible.  But the victory is in taking down Tony and empowering better people to run in 2016.  If we can show we the people can take down a millionaire with the backing of the establishment, we are in fact sending a message to our community - we are looking for new and better faces for 2016 - and that my friends will be our big win come election night.



Cesar de Leon and Michael Gonzales are not merely Ben Neeces boys, they are funded by Abraham Galonsky.  Juanto has demanded you not vote for Jessica and Rick because they voted for projects which benefitted Galonsky - then Juanito for beer money demands you vote for the candidates funded by Abraham Galonsky.

Can you be that stupid?

If you believe Tony Martinez and Abraham Galonsky have served Brownsville well, then by all means vote for their ticket which includes Cesar de Leon and Michael Gonzalez.  I proved this with the campaign finance reports.

But if you believe that Tony Martinez and Abraham Galonsky have raped Brownsville then whether you like the other candidates or not you must vote for them - because if you do not then you are voting for Tony Martinez and Abraham Galonsky's continued raping of Brownsville.

Like I said in a previous post - I am not even trying to debate people on Jessica, Rick, Pat or Uresti.  the election is not about them.  It is about stopping Tony Martinez and Abraham Galonsky. 

The choice is yours.  But also and in my mind, if Tony loses or at least made a lame duck mayor, it will empower better people to run in 2016, and that will make all of us winners.

As to the voters who read the blogs- I am certain 95% of you have already decided.  That is fine - get out there and vote your conscience.

It is possible a few mailers over the next few days will solidify the votes for certain candidates.  The election will be close in some cases - so every vote counts.

I am disappointed people with money did not come to the aide of Roberto Uresti.  But the blogosphere for the most part is with him so maybe the blogs will be enough to get him into the run-offs.  The At Large seat will in all likelihood remain Tony's.  If Debbie Portillo flips, the At Large seat win by Tony could become meaningless.  I think she is waiting to see which way the winds blow.


It is not about the individual candidates - it is about stopping or keeping Tony.

If you want to stop Tony vote, Pat, Jessica, Rick and Uresti.

If you want to keep Tony, vote Tony, Cesar de Leon, Sergio Zarate, an Michael Gonzalez.

I will respect your choice - but the decision making process at this time is simple - it is time you decide and go vote.

But remember this - if we take down Tony, we have a better chance at a better group of candidates come 2016 for the county wide elections.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct!

Anonymous said...

Right on Bobby well said
I voted for exactly who you mentioned

Anonymous said...

Bobby, can you explain the proposition vote on the ballot? It was a bit confusing.

BobbyWC said...

the concept is the easy part - when you have something in your charter which becomes moot because of a state law, then normally the city will remove that item from the charter.

But in the past Tony tried a quick one to give city hall to UT - so the language is kind of confusing.

If it is moot as Tony says, then voting no does not hurt the city. It keeps things as they are - So I voted no

Bobby WC