Monday, April 6, 2015

I warned my readers before this campaign was over, Montoya would have Abraham Galonsky as Moses coming down the mountain with the Ten Commandments.  Well Galonsky's check finally cleared and Montoya published one of the biggest bullshit pieces of the election cycle.  Here is the deal, if under former Mayor Ahumada the city did not buy the Casa del Nylon building, would that not imply the city was not happy with the appraisal?  The fact the city did not buy the building under Pat Ahumada is all anyone needs to know Pat Ahumada did not favor the deal. 
I have noted in the past my concern with Pat has been his social game - he and I had an honest discussion today via email - the first paragraph was in his permission to publish his larger comment concerning Montoya's BS post trying to redirect the Casa del Nylon mess on Pat Ahumada.  It addresses my social game issue so I want to publish it.
"Yes, you can publish my response. And, yes- I need to be more of a mediator, which given the opportunity I intend to do. You learn from experience and can become better at what you set out to do. The other two times as mayor has prepared me to be a better mayor if elected a third time. "
 "Let me say that Ben Medina and his department represented the city in putting forth the process to acquiring real estate to build the Multimodal Transportation System and hired an outside firm to negotiate potential properties the city was wanting to acquire to build the Multimodal facility. The process called for appraisals and purchasing properties at market value or taking the properties by eminent domain if necessary, which I believe two pieces of property fell into that category. The rest were negotiated at market value prices. The Galonsky property known as the Casa del Nylon was not of interest to the city, as it was not needed to build the multimodal facility, nor the garage parking which the city determine could be done without purchasing the Nylon Building. 

The appraiser was selected by the process established by the Planning Department and the appraisal was ordered only be proven to be not credible and it was immediately taken off the table when the report was received and rejected. The proposal sale or purchase of the Nylon Building never got to the city commission, because it was right out rejected. It would have been to expensive to build a garage parking facility at the appraised price tag, in other words it was cost prohibited. Therefore, there was no interest by the city when I was mayor to pursue this purchase that was not even needed. 
If you compare the Fort Brown property purchase by TSC on a per square foot unit basis, which is a much better piece of property it sold at far less per square foot than the Casa del Nylon, proving the price stated in the appraisal report was way off and if you compare all other purchases fronting International, which is superior to the Nylon property on a per square foot unit basis it made no sense to purchase the Nylon Building, particularly when the city did not need it and it is still vacant today. 

What I believe happened is that Galonsky met with the Mayor and both agreed to get the city to purchase the property using an old appraisal that was rejected, instead of obtaining two new appraisals to determine what true market value was at the time of the proposed purchase. But under all scenarios, why purchase a building you have no use for or it is at a price that requires demolishing the building and makes it too expensive to build garage parking?

I had nothing to do with the purchase. I did not approve the appraisal or supported the purchase. I do not have, nor have I had any personal business dealings with Galonsky and have never been his partner. 


Anonymous said...

This is factual reporting...unlike the drunk and stupid Montoya. Way to go Bobby!

BobbyWC said...

The BV gives an open forum to all candidates - there is never a fee. My issue with Michael Gonzalez was his statement of "no comment", and he only answers questions through controlled press releases.

He will not get a voice on the BV

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Good story you know we can't count on the herald to give us the true facts on any issues , especially ,if it shows the mayor in a negative light.Very cool you gave Pat a forum to expose Montoya's lies......thanks again !

Anonymous said...

Montoya is so full of BS. I'm starting to like Ahumada...he's the most qualified candidate, and has proven he's not willing to pull shit like Tony with Nylon sale!

BobbyWC said...

here is the deal, the BV gives the candidates a voice - but with Montoya and McHale because you have to pay to be heard it means I am trying to silence them for giving anyone and everyone a voice - for free.

Just because I give someone a voice does not mean I support or not support them - it is for you the reader to decide.

On Pat's past everyone knows it - it is the number one reason people name for not wanting him -

My issue has been his personality and has he changed or is willing to change this time around - and I want to know ideas.

When I make my decision on election day it will be based on one simple question - who has the best chance of beating Tony in a run-off - that should be every anti-Tony voter's only concern.

Do you really believe for one second Tony will not hammer Sanchez into the ground for putting his family picture side by side with pornography.

Lorrie is going to be horrified claiming ignorance and no one is going to believe her.

A qualified Latina with the money could beat Tony - but Brenda does not have the money and cannot raise it - this is a fact I cannot get around.

So that leaves you William Garza, and Erasmos Castro.

You tell me - based on all variables - not based on your anger - who has the best chance of beating Tony?

This at this time is my only focus.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I know Pat, I am voting for Pat and I think a lot if what he's gone through hasn't been all his doing. I will not say he didn't serve as gasoline to fire in certain instances but overall he is a good person who is often on the right side of the issue. People haven't always liked his delivery but I'll take an honest approach over the smile and I'm your friend only to stab one in the back come decision making time like Tony. That being said I've seen a change in Pat, first after the passing of his son and even more now that he is married, which surprised the crap out of me. I hope he continues down this path of growth, Good luck Pat- Max