Monday, April 20, 2015

Well I will say the Republican who called science a homosexual conspiracy is not doing as well as I am.
I just woke up.  The CPAP does not work well with the bandage.  I'm going to try right now without it.  I am bleeding a lot.  I am changing the bandage every 30 minutes.  They remove the packing tomorrow so they asked I just be patient with the bleeding unless it just starts to flow.
This was my fourth time - none of the others were like this.  He said he went deep.  He said previous surgeons only went shallow and that is why they have to keep on repeating it. 
My throat feels like sandpaper and no amount of water will change that feeling.
Well off to sleep.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be up to getting a lot of work done.
I have been told I need to send his Bingo Audits to the Texas Comptrollers office so they can go after DownbythBorder for the money they collected from the winners but never paid Texas.  It is the same as if a store collected sales taxes and then kept them.
I will ask the Austin DOJ/FBI to open the investigation against the Sucio Lucios, Texas Lottery Commission, Charles Isbell and the Zarates. Apparently there is a whistleblower at the Texas Lottery Commission who wants to tell all to law enforcement.  The lawyers have consistently been overruled by the Commissioners.  Why?
The filing of a fraudulent tax return opens the door to the Comptrollers office to continue to pursue the matter.  This will be a matter in the first instance for the IRS to determine.


Anonymous said...

I think it is wrong with the republicans and homosexuals and conspiracies why was it that when a lady from the republican party asked a question about Roman Perez trying to get a gay guy fired and the liability if he wins and their woman chair allowed the question at that debate last weekend democrats were were defending perez saying it shouldn't be talked about? I'm a liberal and if bigot republicans are willing to talk about this being wrong and fight each other to bring it out it about it it is not a good thing. I heard the man was Sergio Zarate's brother in law and roman is supporting him and he was saying it was wrong to bring it up and we never got a answer about it. They yelling at the lady and she allowed & said it is fair until the other person asked to take the question back and i think they are all hipocrytes.

BobbyWC said...

I agree with you the entire group are a bunch of two faced liars, but my comment was a joke to deal with my pain - Many Republicans have gained a reputation of being anti science

It was just levity to deal with my miserable pain. This is my fourth sinus surgery and by far the absolute worse. based on the stitches I think he decide to also do the deviated septum.

There is no pain- just dry throat and I cannot sleep with or without the CPAP - it is going to be a long, long night.

Bobby WC