Monday, April 6, 2015

Years ago I sued Jerry McHale, Robert Sanchez and Juan Montoya for defamation per se.  Robert Sanchez's insurance company paid $60,000 for a dismissal of Jerry McHale, Robert Sanchez, and Juan Montoya.  Only in the delusional mind of Jerry McHale is that a win.

Jerry says I want to silence him - hum?  I warned him through the BV that his ex wife was seeking contempt against him as it relates to the gag order he is under.  I informed him the gag order is unenforceable as prior restraint and cited Grigsby v. Coker - my first win before the Texas Supreme Court.  I also informed him the order was defective because it said "friends of associates" instead of "friends or associates."  I noted either way it would be unenforceable as vague and over broad independent of the fact it is unconstitutional prior restraint.

So with me advocating for Jerry's speech against his ex wife - Jerry naturally during one of his delusional rants says I am trying to silence him.  Only from the mind of a delusional person or a pathological liar.

Federal prison is going to silence Jerry.  A man just got 18 years for using the internet to get money from people or else he would publish negative information about the person.  Jessica in writing turned down his demand for money.  Then he attacked her.  It is a federal crime Jerry.  I'm not trying to shut you down Jerry, I am trying to find you a boy friend so you can finally smile.

McHale says I attack anyone who advertises on his blog - hum?  Let's see he backed convicted Judge Abel Limas against Elia Cornejo Lopez after the facts of the Amit Livingston case became known.  So according to Jerry it is not possible I opposed Abel Limas based on his conduct - it only could have been because convicted Limas was paying him to cover-up the truth.

Before Jerry sent out requests of $300 for ads through the May election, the BV was already covering the problems with DownbythBorder which is managed by Sergio Zarate.  You see according to Jerry I anticipated that Sergio would say yes to the $300 demand and Jessica would say no, and began my coverage of Sergio Zarate before one ad appeared.

As to Michael Gonzalez, my first negative coverage came after he cancelled his ad with Jerry.  My issue was Gonzalez "no comment," and "I only answer questions through press releases."  facts matter Jerry - further, I praised Rick Longoria for being honest as to why he is staying with Jerry.  My issue was his betrayal of his other friend Jessica Tetreau.  So I truly question what friendship means to Longoria.

In the district 1 race with Longoria and Gonzalez both advertising with McHale, 100% of the BV's coverage was with Roman Perez - and it was not nice - if anything the BV's coverage against Roman Perez helped the other two candidates advertising with McHale.  McHale just hates facts - which is why he became a failed reporter.

Before any ads appeared on Jerry's blog the BV was the first to come out against William Garza for his promise to lower taxes while improving services.

So I ask - if all of the evidence shows my position was well known on all of these candidates before one ad was placed with Jerry's blog, what does my position have to do with the ads?  Nothing - Jerry came out swinging with his endless defamation and outright lies, and now must defend with more lies.


Some years ago I wrote an academic piece on the sexual spectrum which is taught in our medical schools.  It was not a titillating piece - it was a medical piece explaining the complexity of the sexual spectrum so as to educate.


It is official, the medical schools are now teaching gender is not identified until the child self identifies.  MRI's and other genetic testing now proves that some men are born with vaginas and some women with penises.  It's called science - so it should shock no one Jerry opposes it.

Sexual stimulation has nothing to do with sexual orientation.  This is what is taught in the medical schools concerning the sexual spectrum.  100% heterosexual men kill themselves for no better reason than ignorant people like Jerry prefer these men not know the truth about the sexual spectrum.

Men who love women and who are 100% solid heterosexual find themselves confused with what they think are homosexual tendencies.  They are not.  They are merely that heterosexual man's sexual tendencies. This is the nature of the spectrum.  It is a medical discussion designed to educate and keep people  from killing themselves over their confusion.  But for Jerry such a discussion is  a perversion.  If Jerry had his way the lecture would be banned from the medical schools.

I am going on 11 years of abstinence - not for moral reasons - not for religious reasons - but because I choose abstinence over the questions which comes from dating "why are you late?, where were you?"

I have explained and in fact documented for some people random periodic sex is mentally unhealthy and can lead to an inability later in life to have a committed relationship.  This needs to be taught in abstinence classes - not morality or religion.

I have advocated showing 12 year olds and older pictures of adults with STD's showing their genitalia all infected.  Trust me - when they did this to me in school when I was 12 - the point was made.  These two simple lessons promote abstinence which is in fact what I promote among children and adults.

No one has written more about abstinence and its value than the BV - but Jerry's obsession with talking about educating children about anal sex should be more than enough for BISD to suspend him.  They will not.

But these are the facts.

Now if you believe the BV should not post educational pieces on the sexual spectrum and how confusion by some has lead to suicide you are free to not read it.  But it is time you get educated.  Your sexual interests in the bedroom have nothing to do with sexual orientation.  The sexual spectrum is far more complex than a sexual position.

You are gay if you exclusively enjoy relations with someone of the same gender - not because of any particular sexual position.  You are straight if you exclusively enjoy relations with someone of the opposite gender  -  not because of any particular sexual position.  Your are bi-sexual if you are comfortable with either gender.

If you consider this to be porn then you oppose medicine and know nothing about porn.

Telling people to not fear their interests is not porn, it is empowering people to love themselves and to get educated about the sexual spectrum.

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