Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Sorry, rough night with sneezing and bleeding and no sleep.  Ride is just getting here.  Have to go.

I should have the truth on Lincoln Park and the DownbythBorder documents posted by noon.


Erasmo Castro proves once again why he is so disliked.

Another big lie by Erasmo - He and his organization had virtually nothing to do with the change of position concerning Lincoln Park.

First, Valley Interfaith look the lead.

Second, Michael Cowen working with myself and many others took the lead to file the lawsuit.  We exposed the reality that Gowen's vote is void.

There is more  - but have to go.


Public opposition to the city’s proposed transfer of Lincoln Park to the University of Texas System for construction of Brownsville’s UTRGV campus has prompted a City Commission resolution that city staff expand their discussions with the UT Board of Regents to include alternate sites"


Erasmo Castro said...


not my story Bobby

BobbyWC said...

Not buying, you did not originally source it - I have complained to you specifically on this issue to no avail.

You left your readers this was You and in fact the comments indicate same.

You made no effort to correct your readers misperception.

Sourcing after the fact only makes you look worse - and not correcting your readers' misperceptions only makes you look worse

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The guy stands up there and says the city has a cancer it is he who is the cancer. People who bully and name call, he is the worst of our city, luckily there are many good people that see through his lies and charade. Down with those that can't even answer easy questions about their plans for our city.

Anonymous said...

Erasmo Castro is the biggest joke in the city. He is an oppressor and an idiot who tries to intimidate good people to gain popularity. I applaud the people that made the anti chisme page and are exposing him for what he is, a con, a fraud, an idiot, an imbecile, and a CLOWN! people who are considering voting for this baffoon should really reconsider, he will not win but he will cause damage by splitting the vote.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if this jackass had even the smallest amount of authority. If he's a pos now blocking and threatening anyone who says anything that opposes him. Stop personal messaging and threatening people gordo, karma is a mother f'er. That is why you're crashing and burning.