Saturday, April 18, 2015


This is simple - it's Pat or Tony?  You decide.  The campaign finance reports prove Pat is the only one who will be able to raise the money to compete in a run-off.  He has the name recognition - good and bad.  Look, Pat and I are on opposite sides concerning Tenaska.  I think he is dead wrong - well other than the lack of transparency by the BPUB - but that is one issue.  On that one Pat and I will just have to agree to disagree. 

Defeating Tony is more than defeating Tony.  If Tony loses it will shake the foundation of Brownsville and Cameron county politics.  It will empower newer more qualified candidates for 2016.

It is time to just do it - GO WITH PAT - or hold on to the past and allow Tony to continue to rule.

The choice should be easy. Stop kidding yourself -  we not only need Pat in the run-off we need his numbers to be near or higher than Tony's.  This will encourage people to donate the big money which will be needed in the run-off.

Its 4th quarter and we are on the 5 yard line with 10 seconds to go - we need 1 point to win.  Are you going to chance it?  It's decision time - make it and hold.  Tell your previous candidates it is time to put Brownsville first and for them to join Pat in sending Tony packing.  The people will remember the candidates who come out now and endorse Pat.  They will have a place at the table if they choose to run in two years. We will remember they courage in doing the right thing.


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My family and i voted for Tony last election. We are very disappointed and disgusted with everything he has done as mayor. We did not vote for Pat last election simply because of the, now ridiculous, check charge. We will be voting for Mr.Ahumada and will be encouraging our friends and relatives to do the same. He is the only candidate who appears intelligent and professional in all the debates. What Mayor Martinez has done is inexcusable and is an embarrassment to the citizens of Brownsville. I hope everyone makes time to go out and vote as this may be one of the most important elections in the history of the city. We Will Be at the event supporting Mr.Ahumada

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Why does it always have to be about the money?

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it's an evil reality in politics, I'm sorry to say


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Without money you cannot get your message out
Need signs, ads, events, etc...all that costs money.

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I have several thoughts on this. I will try to be as tactful as possible.

First, I think that Brownsville needs a full time mayor as a paid position. I know that voters did not agree with this several years ago. Most voters thought that a mayor should serve for nothing but a small stipend. Maybe that was fine when Brownsville had a small population, but we are much larger now. There are enough issues to warrant a full time mayor. We certainly have a large enough budget to pay a respectful salary and expect a full time mayor. I think that McAllen pays a mayor and I think that you would agree that they seem to be on the up and up. We don't need a part time mayor who has another job and moonlights as mayor. There is plenty of work to do in Brownsville, and if a full time mayor runs out of "official" work to do in a 40 hour week, he or she could read books to kids in school or the library or something like that. We have dozens of elementary schools to keep an elected official busy building a positive image and doing positive things for Brownsville beginning with future voters. The commissioners, as far as I'm concerned can hold day jobs and moonlight as politicians.

Secondly, while I respect your opinion and read your blog frequently, I'm not on board with Pat--yet. I will try to be tactful, so please bear with me. There are lots of cliches that fit here, but they are not necessarily flattering. Please hear me out. It seems that you are asking readers to choose between the lesser of two evils here simply because better candidates do not have a chance. There is another saying that goes, "better the devil you know than the one you don't." In this case, we know what we have in Tony, but we also pretty much know what we have with Pat. We essentially have two "devils." Sorry for the lack of a better metaphor, however, I expect politicians and candidates to have broad shoulders and thick skin to tolerate criticism. It comes with the territory. As far as Pat is concerned, we know there was an issue with the $26K check. But, how many other checks went into his account before that one got flagged? Do we know how "clean" Pat is and how much good he can do for Brownsville? We know he has a lot of friends and political allies, but that does not necessarily make for a good leader. Actually, it's probably a detriment to ethical leadership. I would invite Pat to respond constructively to this comment and also specifically tell the readers what he was able to accomplish during his previous terms in office to convince voters like me to vote for him. I know he touted transparency the last time in office, but that is not really quantifiable. I can't say with real certainty that the city government was more transparent or not. Did property taxes go down? What happened with utility rates? What kind of specific growth occurred during his 2 terms? Did any new businesses relocate? All I'm asking is that Pat try to convince me and other readers, without using political jargon, that he is better than the incumbent and also better the image he has surrounded him in the past (a "junkyard dog" or someone who tried to deposit a check that was not his). Just because a jury found you not guilty does not mean that the general public has forgotten about the check. People in public office have to answer to these things. Make me and others want to vote for you so we don't have to settle for you. Again, my apologies for the rough comparisons, but it comes with the territory.

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Go to his website, facebook, or the debates..pat is the most accessible candidate..he was always accessible when in office. Call him his number is public