Thursday, April 30, 2015


The picture is from Tony's FB page with the following note: 

'I want to thank all the lovely folks at Lupita's Adult Day Care for inviting me over to chat about the future of Brownsville. As we finish day 3 of early voting it is important that we exercise our civic duty and get out to the polls! - Tony"

Of note is behind/next to Tony to the right is politiquero Desi Serrata.  He is known to work the Southmost area and was a paid politiquero for convicted judge Abel Limas.  I want to be clear about something - a politiquero is someone who works campaigns.  Some are 100% on the up and up.  They know their area and have the contacts the politicians want access to. In this form they are basically a paid consultant and it is perfectly legal.

But the interesting point is, the fact Tony Martinez has been reduced to asking for a handful of votes from people at adult day care centers tells us he is feeling the heat.  But guys, it would not shock me if he takes it without a run-off. 

This election is very unpredictable


Guys, I know he is a long shot - but you have to vote for him.  If we can get him into the run-offs maybe then the money will be donated needed to allow him to take the win.  The first step is, we need him in the run-offs.

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