Sunday, April 26, 2015

Today, the day before early voting starts, there are nearly no ads in the Herald.  The only ad of any substance is from Tony Martinez.  The ad is too dense though so most people will not read it.  Sanchez had his same ad with his family - no substance.  De Leon did a small ad saying jobs - yes because everyone else opposes jobs. Gerardo Martinez did an ad with a baby.  I guess his advisor is still doing 1950's political ads.  Not an ounce of substance.
The lack of ads and mail outs is interesting to me.
Personally I think mail outs to known voters gets you the best advertising.  It is something the homeowner will put down on the counter or table and eventually browse.  I am hard pressed to believe many people take the time to read a newspaper ad.  I also believe if you can do it, knocking on the doors of the known voters will do a lot more for you than any newspaper ad.
I could be wrong, but I have received one mailer this election cycle and it was from Tony Martinez.  Mailers which hit tomorrow will cost the candidates votes they could have received on Monday. 
In a way the good news is, there has been no political ad blitz. 


Pat 4 Mayor said...

My ad was not published for some reason. It was probably and oversight, but we did have an ad approved to run in today's paper. It was a GOTV ad to encourage voters to take Brownsville back from special interest.

On another note, Tony is good at spinning, after all he claims to be a good attorney.

In today's ad, Tony lauds the Standard & Poor's bond rating to be AA, but in reality the rating is false when you take into account the secret deals and reckless spending that did away with the annual city street paving program to do pet projects.

For Brownsville to catch up for the years of street paving neglect while he has been mayor, it will cost at least $30 million, deduct this amount from our budget and it will eat up our reserves completely and put us in a deficit of over $15 million. This is a reality that will result in the AA bond rating taking a TANK DIVE to minus. This will put Brownsville's bond rating as very high risk with interest rates escalating drastically to borrow money in the market or prohibit us the ability to borrow as we faced back in 1990 and will require us to take strong measures to correct the fiscal mess Tony has created.

Tony wants people to believe he is responsible for bringing Space X, when it was the state's $15 million that brought Space X. Now he wants us to believe the city is in good financial health when in reality it is in the tank, this is not taking into account the catch up on capital improvements needed for public safety and the many other priorities Tony Mtz has ignored because he was busy buying properties not needed, doing pet projects by taking budgeted monies from other departments and his giveaways.

DO YOU BELIEVE TONY? If you do, then you do not know math and that the city is headed for bankruptcy with his neglect, secret deals, and his interest to enrich special interest like he is doing with TENASKA by paying over $600,000 per megawatt or $120 million more to guild a power plant that is not needed and if you compare to Magic Valley who is building a similar plant at less cost. Why? Why? Why? And, Tony Mtz has raised our electrical rates by 36 percent, while lauding how great our financial picture is.

Tony may believe it, because he is not engaged and can afford the high utility rates, but you the citizen knows better when you travel on our streets or notice the utility rate increases. Make your vote count and say NO MORE TONY!

You can believe Tony Mtz all you want, but we know his math does not add up, just like the Casa Nylon purchase for $2.3 million and it was valued at $680,000.


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC: I've been called 3 different times on behalf of Tony Martinez for mayor, I've been called about 5 or 6 different times to vote for Sergio Zarate and only once to vote for Jessica Tetreau. I dont like to vote on election day so I always try to do early voting. I will do just that either Monday or Tuesday. My votes are for Mr. Ahumada, Ms. Tetreau and Mr Uresti. Why? I dont know Mr. Ahumada, but I do think he is knowledgeable and capable, Ms. Tetreau has always been available when I requested assistance over a matter in district 2. She has also done tremendous work with the children in district 2 and in the city as a whole, and Mr. Uresti has done a lot for the poor and the needy without being in the political arena and without posing for pictures. I dont know if any of the other guys running for at large have done anything for the citizens or for the city and I have no idea who they are or what they stand for (anyone can promise all they want but at the end look what we got in our current mayor after so many PROMISES), I dont know Mr. Zarate but I did have a will done by his wife and when I called her back for another legal matter she was never available and never returned any of my calls (so I went to someone else). Both of them come across as bossy people. I really dont know their true stand on ISSUES. Why am I giving all this explanation? Simple, I am one of the silent voters, not involved in politics but I do observe and read, I do sit down with my family and friends and discuss the issues that affect us and our city and we DO VOTE. May the lucky candidate be a winner, and the ones that dont win, till next time.