Tuesday, April 14, 2015


He claims a Dallas firm of Maples etc gave him $4,000.  The fact of the matter is the name of the company is Naples Investment Company X, LLC .  It is an interesting story - the Dallas Morning News has the owner as the bad guy.  The Dallas Observer has him as the guy who sent former mayor pro tem Don Hill to prison for bribes.  What is clear is, this for profit company is in the middle of controversy after controvery concerning bidding wars for public dollars.  The company is very active in donating to campaigns ahead of bids for projects. Last time around Debbie Portillo was a major recipient of their money.

Gerardo Martinez also received $5,000 from a Carlos Castillo of League City, Texas.  This means of the $12,150 in donations received by Gerardo Martinez, $9,000 came from outside of Brownsville.  Now why do these two businesses care so much about who is elected to the Brownsville City commission.  Contracts - it is always contract.

So why did Gerardo conveniently misstate the name of the company.   He did not want the people to know his top contributors will be seeking contracts from the city of Brownsville.  It is that simple.

THE FBI in the Northern District is all too aware of the players in Gerardo Martinez's campaign - it is time they start the wire taps.  Promises have been made.  People from outside Brownsville do not give $9,000 for a city commission election unless an agreement has already been made as to specific contracts.  The question is, will the FBI fail us again?

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