Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I learned an interesting thing yesterday.  At least two candidates are looking at the list of voters on a nightly basis to count those who they know for sure would have voted for them.  They are also looking at the areas to determine if there is higher voter turnout where they have people still going door to door.  It is an interesting gage - do not know if it will really predict anything, but nonetheless it is interesting
Short of a miracle Tony will still have his majority.  Because I am not one of the moronic anony's who love to post to the BV they have basically interviewed all 200,000 people in Brownsville and know how they voted or who they like or dislike, I cannot tell you the mood of the city.  I can tell you the majority of people I know refused to vote.  No matter how much you get them to agree Tony and his team of candidates need to be stopped, they refuse to vote because they do not see anyone on the ballot who can lead.
Robert Uresti may get a bump from the blogosphere endorsements - but without a miracle he will not make the run-offs.  The people with money who say Tony has to go were unwilling to help him.  So that is that.  The run-off will be between Cesar de Leon and Gerardo Martinez.  Mind you I am still pushing that you vote for Uresti - it is worth the gamble.
We will have a choice between Cesar who is owned by Galonsky and Martinez who is owned by donors way outside of Brownsville.  The run-off will come down to money.  I suspect Tony and Galonsky will flood Cesar's campaign with money. So in the end Cesar will be there to back Tony, Galonsky and Ben Neece. 
We need to start planning how we can run interference on Tony's plays.  This is our next defense and it is time we start to plan for it.
Every campaign the Herald and other bloggers run the campaign finance reports.  Only the BV ran the reports.  It seems the Herald and other bloggers do not want people to know the truth about the money behind the different candidates.
On the mayor's race it is any one's guess.  The blind Latina vote may put Brenda in the run-off.  I doubt it, but who knows. We just do not know.  Pat Ahumada's ads have been effective in hurting Tony, but that does not mean it will translate into votes for Pat.  It could simply mean more votes for the other candidates.
The Rick Longoria Michael Gonzalez run-off will come down to money. If Rick can educate the people that Gonzalez is a Galonsky boy and the millions Galonsky has cost the city, he will win.  But if money becomes a problem - Rick could easily lose.
As to Jessica and Sergio I do not know.  I know of several pockets around her district where Jessica is very popular.  Sergio is not really known so he has to start from square one.  This appears to be a door to door battle.  Both sides have hired people to make calls  for them.
FUNNY ON THAT ONE - Tony Martinez hired someone to call people with Spanish surnames and push them to vote for Tony.  Several people have told me that the callers do not speak English and since they do not speak Spanish they took offense at the calls.
The community needs to start the discussion on the hospital taxing district.  If the majority want to stop it, now is the time to start the discussion.
"McAllen’s airport captured 49 percent of passengers as of September, the most recent months with figures available. Harlingen’s Valley International Airport accounted for 39 percent of the region’s airline passengers and Brownsville’s airport accounted for 12 percent."

The Monitor December 11, 2014

Some time ago I did an article dating back to 2003, with Larry Brown of the airport telling us any day now they will begin the run-way expansion.  On this issue Larry Browns has zero credibility.  I looked at the airport expansion plan and as to meaningful time tables - none.

We were told SpaceX would mean a 12,000 ft runway, but I can find nothing other than promises that this will happen.  In 2003, the city commission voted to buy the land for the expansion - and then nothing happened.  Again the commission has voted to buy the land for the expansion.  But there are no details.

I can find nothing to indicate Brownsville is moving forward at the federal level on the runway.

The only thing which makes SpaceX palatable is a new 12,000 runway.  Given the fact we have been mislead for 12 years on this issue, I am not holding my breath.

We are the largest city in the LRGV, and our airport compared to the airports in the smaller cities is a mere spec on the map.  This took extreme mismanagement.

On the airport I will not believe anything until I see it completed - we have been lied to and played too many times.


Like I have said - I can write on both sides of this issue.  But the one thing I know for sure is, this cannot be solved at the legislative level, or the courts - which is what the Lucios have been trying to do for their clients to the detriment of not only Brownsville but all of Cameron county.  This is why they are running Sergio Zarate - they now hope to get their clients what they want by getting the city commission to just surrender.  Robert Sanchez also popular with the Lucios has come out in favor of Brownsville just surrendering all the tax revenues currently collected to other cities.

We need real leadership at the county level to bring the various parties together for a viable mediated settlement.  Why?  Because if it is forced through dirty politics it will make turning Cameron county into a metroplex more difficult. We need a county leadership which works with the cities to work for the betterment of the county.  Yes, Brownsville will have to give up some of the land - but it has to be done through a mediated settlement lead by County Judge Sepulveda.


This is the project wherein natural gas will be liquefied for exporting.  Environmental issues are always impossible.  In today's world Hoover dam would not be built and the western United States would not be what it is today.  California would be completely different.  But I do not doubt Hoover dam caused major environmental damage to include the lose of hundreds of animal and plant species.

So where is the balance?  If I had my way, commercial fishing in the gulf would be banned until we return to aquatic life levels which existed in the 70's.  We all know I have no chance of that happening.  I would ban all new drilling.  We all know that will not happen.  The dead zone in the gulf continues to grow.  It is becoming nearly impossible to get gulf shrimp on SPI. 

Corporate American in the name of oil and gas is determined to kill the gulf and the people will allow it to happen.

I get it - LNG means jobs and more economic development.  It is what every candidate is promising..  But the science tells me LNG will mean an increase in acid rain which will impact the farmers, wildlife sanctuaries, and the gulf.   I am still doing the research.  I intend to get very educated on the issue.  But at what point do we say - enough is enough.

Would not recruiting a small ship builder to the port also mean jobs, without sacrificing our environment?  Boats for use in the gulf are unique because of so many shallow areas.  With robotics manufacturing this is a real possibility.  But for some reason those who run the port prefer polluters as clientele to other options 


These are just some of the issues we need to start thinking about.  Now go vote your conscience.  As a blogophere reader you have already made up your mind - there is nothing left for the blogs to do on the election.  This election is now being fought door to door, phone call to phone call.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, in the mayor's race is it possible that any candidate can be disqualified at this point?

BobbyWC said...

great question thank you - the case law and AG opinions deal with more technical issues concerning ballot access than if someone was not qualified as a matter of law.

As a matter of law is important.

For example - if we were to elect a city commissioner who is later to revealed to have lied about ling in Brownsville, but who actually lives in Dallas, I believe a court would strike them as the winner.

A felony conviction disqualifies you as a matter of law.

The on technical issues under the law their is nothing the city can do. Early voting has started the ballot cannot be changed.

But if a court were to find as a matter of law someone was not qualified then the court could void their votes.

I do not see that happening.

To get anyone to act it would require that they have a chance to win anyway, and that as a matter of law they are not qualified to be on the ballot.

Even if you win and you are not qualified to be a city commissioner or mayor - you can be removed.

Great question, but even if someone is not qualified as a matter of law it is going nowhere at this time/ Now if they win, there will be no problem getting the court to remove them from the commission

Bobby WC