Saturday, April 18, 2015


Jerry has written a very nice piece of prose concerning his journey to Brownsville.  In it he says "No Regets."  It made me think of Edith Piaf.  This is an English version.  I am also posting the French version.

But the key to no regrets is making amends for your mistakes.  Accountability is still important - but how that accountability plays out relates to how you make amends for your past transgressions.  Smart people realize past transgressions are sometimes essential to becoming a better person.  If you cannot be yourself who can you be? 

We are as much a part of our past transgressions as we are of who we are today.  Past transgressions are not always bad, if they give you understanding.  That understanding of how the past transgressions came about can be a powerful tool in writing and  making a difference in the lives of others. You cannot regret your past, but you can move forward from it and turn your pain, and transgressions into powerful tools for meaningful change.


You might learn something about redemption if you read the history of its author.  Click


Anonymous said...

Are you kissing Jerry's ass? Knowing that you sympathize with him makes me believe you liked his writing. You're going to loose readership if you're associatedown with that asshole.

BobbyWC said...

Well then to you I say goodbye. I live by my word - my word is the teachings of Joshua - I respect your right to reject the teachings of Joshua - but they guide me.

My life is a life moving forward - Jerry will define his future - my post has no defense of anything he has done - I said he has to make amends.

So if me saying Jerry needs to make amends is kissing his ass - then so be it - but those who know the teachings of Joshua know I am just trying my best to follow his teachings - I do fail at times - but I take those failures and try and turn them around into a learning moment.

I am not about hate - I am about healing - salvation comes from living the message of Joshua and not reciting mindless words like "I love Jesus." or "Jesus is my salvior."

I am going to post another song which better responds to your sad nonsense.

Salvation comes from living the message - it is actually easier than you think - I would not have to think twice about walking hand in hand with everyone who has ever crossed me - for me it would mean salvation.

I will do my job - if Jerry goes back to his old ways the BV will respond using its free speech and he will be free to use his free speech.

It is sad you must hate for ever and cannot hope that a person can find redemption - how sad of a person you must be.

Do I know if Jerry will find redemption? Nope - but I know Joshua expects his students to help guide everyone to redemption - no exceptions - redemption is for everyone - including you

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Whether you understand French or not you might listen to the entire Edith Piaf album in French - it has been very enjoyable.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What I learned from Brownsville Blues:

Show us a picture of a man without pants on, people freak out.

Show us a chart of tax increases and PUB robbing us blind, no one cares.

Jerry shocked the local lemmings into paying some attention to Valley politics, beyond the politicians and their campaign-year bullshit. Bridges to nowhere. wolves in sheeps clothing. judges on the take. In this apathetic non voting town. an accomplishment of sorts.

BobbyWC said...

Jerry did not break any of those stories - in fact he backed Martin Aramubula as part of the cover up on the bridge - he trashed Cornejo-Lopez in favor of Abel Limas -

You cannot just fabricate facts and expect people to believe them

Bobby WC