Thursday, April 30, 2015

I know the numbers are low, but the fact today was the best day so fast for the library and the second best day for the Brownsville Community Health Center is a good thing. We are at 2793 early votes.  We should hit the 2011 level.  Today we had 699 early votes

Yes on balance the numbers are dismal given the number of registered voters in Brownsville.

But the good news is, there has been very little drama at the polling places.  Remi Garza seems to get on top of things before they become a problem.  Look the numbers are going to be about the same as 2011, without all of the endless drama and nonsense.  I will take what we can get.

And again, thanks to our Interim Elections Administrator, Remi Garza for getting the numbers out.


Anonymous said...

I believe his name is Remi Garza.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry, will make the correction. I have a real bad fever either from the sinus surgery or the enflames cystic duct - they did a highly specialized MRI today and next week I will be scheduled for surgery - but something has me with a real bad fever - done with anti-biotics - I will see what the surgery nurse says in the morning when I have my follow-up

But thanks for the heads up

Bobby WC