Friday, April 10, 2015


I have done a more advanced open records search but for now click each of the below links to show county records which clearly show his taxes are not paid. In fact sources close to his campaign expressed their frustration when he failed to show for an appointment with Linebarger to bring his taxes current.

Property 1   - due $2,317.50

Property 2   - due $444.78

There are more but these are the two highest.  When you click on details it shows the taxes due on property 1 are for several years

The taxes are current on the Zarate home.

You can click her for the full list.

These numbers do not include the taxes which may be past due from 2014.

The Sucio Lucios banked on the wrong man to do their dirty work.  The IRS complaint relates to a complaint I filed based on the Texas Comptrollers office telling me over the phone and through an open records request that they have no evidence of DOWNBYTHBORDER ever paying them a penny, but yet the tax return says otherwise.


As the Texas Comptrollers Office told me along with the IRS, non-profits like DownbytheBorder should not be paying taxes.  This is why they are now under investigation.

What we know for sure is, the Texas Comptroller can find no evidence Sergio Zarate for DownbytheBorder has paid a penny to the Texas Comptrollers Office. and that according to the county tax office Sergio Zarate lied about the status of his delinquent taxes.

Is this who you want to represent you on the Brownsville City Commission?


Anonymous said...

He seemed to know he was lying. Look at his face! What a coward.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will do a story when he proves he did pay his taxes when he did....with the same vigor you are going after him now.

BobbyWC said...

Sergio knows how to get ahold of me - I checked with the county which is why I posted their links.

Sergio knows I will give it headline news he paid his taxes so long as he gives proof of the payment and date.

In the article I sd I also did an open records request to verify the online records.

But Sergio knows he can send a written explanation and it will get a free standing post.

Just send me the receipt with the date and it will get a headline - taxes paid on xyz date - Cameron county online records wrong.

This story has been out there long enough for him to have denied it by now on his FB page with documentation he has not.

I have given him plenty of time to explain the tax form discrepancy. I will more than gladly post the evidence Downbythborder has in fact paid the Texas Comptrollers office thousands of dollars - again it will be a free standing post

But it is Sergio who has run from the story.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Sergio knows damn well what's he's done with the money from down by the border. He also knows it's wrong to attack a pregnant woman but he still allows it. I've seen the proof and I will NOT be voting for a Zarate ever again. Please forward your information regarding the IRS to local media. This man needs to be exposed for what he really is.

Anonymous said...

"Sucio Lucios"

You states the dislike of pornographer McHale and his blog; however, you are using McHale distasteful quote of "Sucio Lucios." It seems like you have double standards by the use of McHale's famous quotes in describing the State Senator.

BobbyWC said...

As is always the case with idiots who post distractions as cowards you are wrong- you assume way too much when it comes to creativity and McHale.

"Lucio was the only Valley lawmaker to land on the “Best” or “Worst” list, complete with explanations in the July issue of the magazine.

“There is no more unreliable senator than 16-year veteran Eddie Lucio,” Hart writes. “His nicknames say it all: Sucio (‘Dirty’) Lucio and El Resbaloso (‘the Slippery One’).”

It was Texas Monthly which came up with the name - McHale stole it from them.

Now will you come back and give your name admitting you are an idiot looking to post distractions to avoid the truth. Well no, we all know that - cowards never show their face.