Thursday, April 2, 2015

The time to withdraw his ad from the porn blog which is also demeaning Commissioner Tetreau in the worst misogynistic ways, is well past. If he pulls the ads now he will be known as a coward by all.  If he leaves them he will be known as the At Large Candidate who stayed with the porn and the demeaning of women.
If he wants to send me an email denouncing all of the comments made in the name of his campaign, I will publish it as a free standing post.  He knows what happened.  Let's see what he does.  But in the end no one will believe him because the time to have shown character on the porn blog issue has long passed. 
I have no idea who is going to win.  It is all about political machines.  I suspect Jessica Tetreau's political machine is not pulling for him in her area.  This means he must align with Sergio Zarate and by election day that could prove fatal.
email me dude - apologize for all of the comments made in the name of your campaign
I will post it - but I will be honest - as to most of my readers at this point it will fall on deaf ears.
The only thing I regret was rejecting the nasty comment which included that statement that I should wait and see when you are elected and sitting next to Tony Martinez getting things done - now that was a revealing truth.


Anonymous said...

You really are something else! Apologize? You are a complete joke! You know Cesar is going to win and you want him to make fiends with are the one that put himself in a corner by campaigning against Cesar. You are out, do not even think you will have an in when he gets elected. You are pathetic!

BobbyWC said...

So what you are saying is, Cesar will retaliate against everyone who did not support his campaign - wow -

just keep on talking you only make things worse - and again - you and Cesar have no knowledge of how government works - he is going to call streets and tell them not to fix potholes on my street?

I need nothing from Cesar - the city employees give me everything I want - and if he were to even try and stop them they would be they first to report his conduct to me.

You are just too stupid.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So you are saying that city employees "give" you everything you need?! So employees are giving you public services for posting information they give you? Cesar will make sure that those employees are investigated to see if public monies are being given to select people like you say they are doing to you. The one that is digging the hole deeper is you, idiot! You think you are special and use your blog to intimidate...Cesar does not scare easy.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious. Do you really think that a man who you called "a worthless piece if shit" who - endorses pornography, who trashing his female friends and trashing Vietnam vets can change everything by saying I am sorry. No Sir, your readers will certainly not accept such a man even if he apologies to you in his knees. You are obsoletely correct when you stated that Brownsville do not deserve a "disloyal scumbag" like him as a city commissioner.