Saturday, April 25, 2015


My position on this issue has been clear for years.  This is wrong.  People take their loved ones to these places to be cared for, not to be subjected to politicians politicking.  This will not end until an owner of one of these places is sued for endangering their guests.

I am fairly certain I know the facility.  We shall see if their van shows up at the library with residents in tow.  To the owners of these places.  These seniors are placed in your care.  They are not there for you to use as tools to help certain individuals to get elected.

I cut out the face of the woman.  She is a victim.  She does not need her face on the Internet.

Will anyone join me in denouncing this behavior?


BobbyWC said...

One, I never said it is illegal. Two if these candidate care so much about keeping these people busy why only go when they are looking for votes? You did not have him you only hurt him. Many of these people are easily played. There is a reason why families pay for adult day care - they do not trust their loved ones at home alone. SO now we have politicians talking to them away from their family members. We have no way of knowing which understand what is happening and which are being manipulated. I prefer to protect them against manipulation. They can ask their family about the elections. They do not need politicos talking to them and confusing them

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

" This will not end until an owner of one of these places is sued for endangering their guests."

Bobby, my mother attends a daycare daily. So, please enlighten me on how such political activity endangers the life of my mother?

BobbyWC said...

So I get the same question back to back the second filled with insults.

Yea not playing - the odds of the same question being asked back to back within minutes is not very good - god you people are stupid.

It has been documented with pictures and in fact affidavits have been signed that some of these people have to vote from the vans they are being transported in because it is too dangerous for them to get out of the van. If it is too dangerous for them to get out of the van it then must be dangerous for them to get into the van. What exactly prevents the family from taking their loved ones to the polls. Or asking for a mail ballot? Nothing.

What happens if while in the van one of these seniors needs medical care? the family leaves them at the adult day care because they know help is available - it will not be available in a van going to the polls.

It's funny, when it was other people doing it was the crime of the century. I opposed it then and I oppose it now.

The family can take them to the polls. They can ask that their family get a mail ballot. there are plenty of options which do not include candidates playing with these seniors during election time and then disappearing after the vote - that is cruel.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

" the family leaves them at the adult day care because they know help is available - it will not be available in a van going to the polls."

Bobby, who is taking them to the polls in a van, the daycare or the politicians? My mother's daycare comes everyday to pick her up and drop her in a van. They take her on field trips activities with my permission. I am assuming that the daycare van is fully responsible for my mother. Therefore, I want to know who takes those folks to the polls?

BobbyWC said...

There have been pictures of the adult day care vans. Also Zeke Silva filed a criminal complaint that a campaign tried to remove his father from the adult day care without his permission. Tje complaint went no where because Zekes father was xoming out of the center at Zekes request at the same time the campaign was their van to take seniors to the polls.

Bobby wc

Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC: My mom used to go to these adult day care centers. She passed away six years ago. I remember local and state politicians going to the daycare centers to speak to the old people. I remember I would always sit down with my mom and ask her questions about how her day had been (just like our children when they return from school), I would ask her if anyone tried to convince her to vote for a certain individual, if anyone tried to fill her voting ballot and to NEVER allow anyone to do that. She would tell me of cases where people(not the workers of the daycare but workers of the politicians to be)would fill out some of the people's ballots or tell them where to bubble or where to sign. I remember one time a man came to our home and try to be friend the family and tried my mom to do the ballot in front of him and I ended up showing him the door and telling him if he ever did that I would report him to the AG office. I dont know if stuff like that still happens. I have an 82 year aunt (my mother's sister) who votes with a mail in vote,she does not go to the daycare centers and she is stubborn and independent enough that she will tell you she's got a mind of her own and does not accept other people's help in filling out a voting ballot.
To the people that are commenting that their parents are not in any danger and the day care center is responsible for them: DONT assume the people from the day care take care of your parent or relativem 9 out of 10 times they have over 30 other people to take care aside from your parent. It is just like in the public schools. You assume they are doing their job and you dont have the time to be checking into it. Make the time, talk to the adult daycare center director, find out who are the people that visit the place, your parent or relative interacts with them the majority of the day. Talk to your parent or relative about their day at the daycare center, about the activities they do. Remember, there will come the day that you will be in their shoes and you will want your kids to be interested in your best needs.