Friday, April 3, 2015


Hold on Nelly, my annual Easter Basket post is coming.  We endlessly complain that our candidates have no honor, but then vote for them.  On this one Brownsville does deserve to be judged in a negative light.

Forget everything else for a second, what does it say about a person who advertises for political office on a porn blog which trashes his former friend Jessica Tetreau?  If this one question is not enough for you to not vote for Cesar de Leon, then no amount of evidence will convince you this is a dirt bag of low character.

If paying a pornographer to promote his candidacy is not enough he now pays the pornographer to fabricate a poll.  The South Texas Independent Journalists Association's (STIJA) does not exist, well  other than in McHale's head.  The entire poll he claims has de Leon leading is fabricated - a lie bought and paid for by Cesar de Leon.

If Cesar is paying a pornographer to fabricate a poll to mislead you, do you honestly believe he is not misleading you with every word out of his mouth?

When it came time to stand with his friend Jessica Tetreau who was promoting him, what did Cesar do, he went with the vile attacks on Jessica - attacks he is paying for.

Elections are as much about political machines as votes.

The BV was the first to come out against Gerardo Martinez - his ad was all BS.  Gerardo has the political machine of a very wealthy mayor running for reelection.  Everywhere Tony Martinez will be pushing his candidacy so to will he be pushing the candidacy of Gerardo Martinez.  This is a city wide political machine working against all of the other candidates, but mostly against Cesar de Leon. 

Another active political machine will be that of Jessica Tetreau.  Her machine will not be backing Cesar de Leon.  Cesar blew that one when he agreed to pay McHale to trash Jessica.  Real rifts seem to be appearing between Cesar and Rick Longoria.  Cesar has been pressured to work with Michael Gonzalez so they have a better chance of winning. 

The soft political machines will be working for Gerardo Martinez.  By soft I mean their candidate will not be on the ballot.  Rose Gowen and Debbie Portillo will do their best to get their supporters out for Gerardo Martinez.  The support is soft because the Gowen/Portillo supporters will have little interest in the election unless they are Tony Martinez supporters.  Of course Debbie Portillo and Rose Gowen will be pushing for Tony Martinez.

Gerardo sees Cesar as his biggest challenge.  The attacks are going to be strong.  Cesar's supporters gave Gerardo a lot to use against Cesar during yesterday's exchange.  Gerardo wants Belleperche in the runoff because he sees that as an easy win.  Well maybe - it will then turn to whether or not the anti Tony people will block walk, raise money and get out the vote for Gerardo's and Tony Martinez's opponents.

Elections are not won by dishonorable candidates like Cesar de Leon paying pornographers to post made up polls by made up organizations.  They are won by having well organized political machines and a strategy.  Right now de Leon's strategy seems to be seeking the vote of those who like pornography and reading illiterate prose demeaning women.

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Anonymous said...

I will not be voting for him, nor my family.He is a pig for not defending Jessica.