Thursday, April 2, 2015


Today I give David Belleperche a voice as a candidate for the At Large seat, and Cesar de Leon and his lemministic followers respond by attacking a disabled Vietnam vet, the sexualizing and abuse of women, and defending their candidate advertising with a pornographer.

With all of the problems I have with Juanito, because I know some of his problems are tied to his military service in Vietnam it would not have to think for a second to help him get full disability with the VA.  Unlike cowards like Cesar de Leon who has done nothing to serve this country, Juanito for all of his flaws has - even if he was drafted.  I will never, ever turn my back on a veteran in need.  I make speak the truth about their lies, but I will always be there when they need help. I proved this when the idiot Sorola had Juanito dragged off to jail for non payment of children support because he did not know the law.

I conceded Robert Uresti has a checkered past.  But I believe in redemption.  Further, no one has ever produced an ounce of evidence to support the many conflicting claims.  But what ever happened, he turned into someone who loves his community and would never betray a friend.  This simple acknowledgement on my part produced a vile attack on Uresti who unlike Cesar de Leon was willing to die for this country.

The more Cesar and his supporters speak the more we learn.  He is a man without honor or character.  To win he will pay a pornographer who is trashing his female friend.  The conversation ends there.

But no, attacking a Vietnam vet who has dealt with his issues and turned his life around is reprehensible - Cesar de Leon is one piece of trash.  We will educate the people of Southmost and female teachers.  We too can block walk and send targeted mailers.


BobbyWC said...

Your comments will stand for me readers to decide what they mean. You made them now live with them you coward.

You pathetic I'm sorry for exposing the truth about who I am will never see the light of day on the BV - have McHale post it next to some porn which demeans Jessica

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You tell him Bobby!!!

Anonymous said...

"We will educate the people of Southmost and female teachers. We too can block walk and send targeted mailers."

Are you going to do block walking? We the people from Southmost would love to see you walking our streets and be given the opportunity to greet you in our homes. Unlike Mr. Paz Martinez who gives the people from Southmost (There must be some free cheese or welfare culture in his family history. Posted by Duarte Paz-Martinez at 8:15 a.m.)no respect, you have always supported and said good things about our community. Thank you.

BobbyWC said...

All of my long term readers know I have always praised Southmost - I have my eyes on an acre lot. I miss Southmost - the families - the food - the music into the night.

The people of Southmost are a proud people with long family ties which go back many, many generations.

Southmost for me is the true cultural center of Brownsville - it is our history. Culture is not only opera - it is the people and their time honored traditions.

Southmost represents family, music, tradition, and food

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

DELETE all of this shit about Cesar!!!!! Now!!!!! How dare you call him a coward!!!! You are a coward that sits behind a desk with nothing to loose. He has put his good name on the line for all of Brownsville. He has sacrifice his time and efforts to help this God forsaken city. He is too valuable for Brownsville to have a peasant like you talk shit about him. He is beyond you Sr. You are a lowlife who has amount to nothing! The people of Brownsville need a person like Cesar, without him we're lost!!! Veterans need him, teachers need him.... YOU NEED HIM!!!!

BobbyWC said...

Where was Cesar when I was being trashed for reporting Margarita Ozuna for vote harvesting which in effect ended the practice;

where was cesar when I documented the ties between BISD trustees and pat Ahumada and the convicted felon from Dallas;

where was Cesar when I document Tony Martinez's abuse of the $35,000 rule and used the rule to secretly pay the wife of federal judge Hanen;

where was Cesar when I documented Tony Martinez's law partner negotiated the sale of the Case Del Nylon building

where was Cesar when I documented the El Cid building belong to Nurith galonsky thereby making the purchase illegal;

Where was Cesar when I documented that Tony Martinez illegally allowed Galonsky into executive sessions.

Where was Cesar when I documented on the eve of the Lincoln Park suit that Rose Gowen was on UT's payroll

Nowhere - Cesar has done nothing for this community and now expects everything

Do you really think claiming I have done nothing when my long term readers know the truth and know about the endless defamation I have suffered for me work - where was Cesaar - no where until Ben Neece needed someone to vote a certain way on the tax collection contract the new commission is expected to vote on - then out of nowhere Ben Neece boy appears with no history of contributing to Brownsville.

Keep on talking you only make Cesar look stupid

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Cesar is going to win and then you will be in line sucking his ass. You are an idiot Bobby. You were praising Cesar in the beginning, but like a scorned lover, you have turned to try to ruin his campaign. well it is not going to work. Cesar has done more than you will ever dream of doing. You are a man full of hate. Everyone knows you are keep on blabbing bad things about him. You will be kissing his ass later, and I hope I am there when he tells you to go to hell!

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea who is going to win - but you seem determined to destroy Cesar - what has he done - I listed a short list of what I have done - you cannot name one thing.

I brought Disability Inc., to Brownsville to educate parents in how to advocate for their kids at BISD.

I have countless wins with BISD being forced to accommodated special needs children.

I have paid out of my own pocket to take a family to SA over and over again to see their son in one of the best mental health facilities in the US for children. I used my connections to get him into the facility.

I work disability claims for veterans all of the time.

Exactly what has Cesar done for Brownsville?

My work goes on and on and on.

I'm 57 years old you fool 0- I'm old enough to be his father. Do you think for one second Cesar has what it takes to violate a court order in front of the judge so as to protect a child and then know how to take the case to the Texas Supreme Court and win? Cesar would not put himself on the line for anyone - he does not and never will have what it takes.

If everyone knows I am not credible why have you found it necessary to dig a deeper and deeper hole for Cesar by denouncing the BV. If the BV has no credibility why even come here to post. You have been at this all day.

As to kissing his ass - you said it all - Cesar will be a vindictive prick and ignore the needs of everyone in Brownsville who did not support him.

Do you even consider your words before you type them.

And why would I need Cesar anyway - are you saying he will be giving out political favors to those who support him?

I have sources throughout city hall who will tell me every time he goes to the bathroom. The one group of people I do not need are the commissioners - I have the city employees to help me - so if Cesar as you say will be demanding people kiss his ass he will be waiting until hell freezes over because he is not needed.

My readers are targeted - they are the real policy makers - Cesar will not even be consulted when policy is being formed. It will be the power brokers who will decide, and they are my main readers.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Southmost for me is the true cultural center of Brownsville"

If you only knew are correct you are.