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Guys, the city has sent these in groups of 1 or 2.  I am opening them as sent.  I have been through every email 3 times now, and cannot find one for William Garza.  I am certain it is an oversight by the city.  I have sent an email asking for it.  If I missed anyone else please let me know.

As for as I know docstoc is free.  You might have to register.  I do not remember.  I post at no cost and open at no cost.



The lack of donations and names is the story here.  The money in his account is from previous reports.  I may have to get the previous report to get a better picture.  It is not unusual for a candidate to hold back donations until the day after the report is due.


When I look at some of his donors what I see is, people are hedging Pat has the best chance to beat Tony Martinez, and inasmuch that is the goal they are donating to Pat Ahumada.  I wish this would have an impression on Tony Martinez, but I am sure it will not
All I can say is - his math is way off - there is nothing remotely accurate about this report.


If we are to believe his campaign finance report, his entire campaign is being run on in kind donations.  Of note no in kind donation from McHale or payment.  Now the proof  for the Texas Ethics Commission will be [1] the ads, [2] the demand for payment which I have, [3] Michael Gonzalez's payment, and [4] McHale's trashing of Jessica after she refused payment.

Sanchez is just plain stupid.


A campaign which never got started.


Will post as soon as I receive it from the city

The report is the proof, Abraham Galonsky gave De Leon $1,000. This is a Tony Martinez boy.  Tony is running two candidates - Gerardo Martinez and Cesar de Leon.  Like I said it was all lies from the beginning.

Noticeably absent is his payment to McHale - again.


Of note is his major donor - a Dallas company to the amount on $4,000.  Maples Investment Company X, L.L.C.  A quick google search found nothing on the address or name.  I will need to go to the SOS after dinner.


Another campaign which never got started


David is going to have to do a lot of block walking to get into the run-offs.  Tony Martinez and Abraham Galonsky control Cesar de Leon and Gerardo Martinez.  This gives Martinez the 4 votes he needs to dispense with Lincoln park.  The last hope is that Martinez loses - that is a bet I would not take.

As is always the case with incumbents' Linebarger made a donation.  I will say this about Rick, and he helps my Texas Ethics case against Cesar de Leon and Robert Sanchez, he was honest enough to list his payment to McHale.

I told you before the end of this election McHale and Montoya will have Galonsky coming down the mountain with the 10 Commandments.

$1,500 from Abraham Galonsky.  You will also note - Michael did list the $300 he paid McHale.  Why is Cesar de Leon , Robert Sanchez, and Sergio Zarate hiding their payments?


He claims to have raised $99.00, but has spent $4,856.67.  But on his twitter account he makes the following claim.   Roman Pérez@TheRomanPerez Apr 9
FYI campaign finance reports were due today. Through filing period end date of 3/30, our campaign spent about $9,000.
Well Roman you can explain that discrepancy to the Texas Ethics Commission - you have been caught lying again.
First you lied about your appointment to the Comptrollers Office
Then you lied about being a professor.
Then you lied about the email verifying you are a professor
Now you are lying about how much your campaign has spent.
Dude - what is wrong with your mind?



Notably she has a lot of big donations, Linebarger being one of them.  She also has a $10,000 loan to her campaign from her husband. While I do not like it, Linebarger always gives to the incumbents.


You will note he borrowed $30,000 from  Falcon International Bank.    Sources are checking on the process for learning who the cosigners are.  With delinquent taxes on his credit report it is highly unlikely any bank would loan him $30,000.  Alex Begum donated $800.  Dolores Zarate donated in kind $800 for the meet and greet.  Noticeably absent is the payment to McHale for the $300 for the ads.  We have the documentation.  At a minimum it should be listed as an in kind donation.  So off to file a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission, with the intercepted documentation.  Sergio has no idea people working on his campaign a leaking information.


Anonymous said...

Sir why is erasmos the only one that i have to pay to see...he is the only one im interested in viewing as i still am dazzled as how the city can allow this convicted felon snake, con artist to run. Can u please make it public or post on another article, many people would like to see it.

BobbyWC said...

As far as I know docstoc is free. I do not pay to post or open. If you can open the others you should be bale to open this one. You can do an open records request. I am not going to scan all of the pages for pics.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for whatever reason Castro's report won't load unless you pay. Maybe it's page limit thing.

Also, Rick Longoria's link shows Brenda Joyas' report.

BobbyWC said...

I fixed Rick's and then deleted and then re uploaded Castro's.

Let me know if there are any more mistakes - it was a lot of work

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Castro's report is showing now, but Rick's is not showing the way the Castro one was doing before.

It's a glitchy site; I had re-register with a different email after changing password several times because it kept saying 'invalid.'

BobbyWC said...

Okay, I deleted Rick's and started from scratch - it works on my end

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Everything seems to be working now.

Thank you for all the work, Bobby.

Anonymous said...

At this point the candidates should have their second reports for this election season, the new years one and this one. Why don't you include those? You should include those to get the full picture. They probably didn't even turn them in. Sloppy Valley politicians. This wouldn't happen in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Either Abe is funding Sanchez or Tony is and that is why the reporting is shady at best for El Capitan CooCoo. If not them than somebody like them, someone who wants to control the city and spineless leaders.

Anonymous said...

Any word on William Garzas?

BobbyWC said...

No, I have had a back on forth with the city and I cannot get a straight answer of whether or not he filed. They say they sent me everything they have, but that is not the same as saying he did not file. So I am having to do a separate request only using his name wherein they will either produce the report or state it does not exist

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update